9 thoughts on “All Better

  1. martco

    nah it’s not, far from it

    they’ll manage to get either to NZ or SA & we lose to a 40 point spread and arrivals at Dublin Airport, guaranteed

    a poor game against a second string second division team who played a large portion of the game with 14 men

    get your money on at PP, you heard it here first :)

    1. martco

      can’t get my head around that decision, it might have been technically sound but at that level you also need the experience & leadership too to navigate

  2. Col

    Apparently it was between all open or all closed to ensure consistency across games.
    I’m not sure why that’s the case or why all closed is better than all open.

    1. ReproBertie

      Stadium roof in Kobe was open prior to the game and the rain had the pitch waterlogged so they closed it. It was mudbath or sweatbath and they chose the latter.

  3. Dave

    Shades of ’07. A busted flush I’m afraid. They’ve given us many special days in the past few years but this RWC seems fated to end badly

    1. ReproBertie

      You say that now Dave but when Italy beat South Africa and Japan, Samoa and Scotland take points off each other to jammy us into top of the pool and a quarter final against Italy you’ll think different.

      It was painfully obvious that Japan were going to target the game against us and yet we still underestimated them and our complacency and arrogance cost us another RWC.

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