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David KeenanAltar Wine

Ready for a religious experience?

As he snakes his way around Europe as special guest of Hozier, Dundalk firebrand David Keenan pours out his heart on his new single.

Director Mark William Logan‘s visceral video matches the manic intensity of the music.

David says:

“Art heals and that’s why I pursue it. It gives joys, insights and relief from the many madnesses that come and go.”

His debut album A Beginner’s Guide To Bravery will be released by Rubyworks Records on January 20.

Nick says: A glass of red is yer only man.

David Keenan

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  1. Tom

    Apologies if this has been said ad nauseum at this point, but: the text and graphics of the site are all meshing together v. badly for me (Chrome).

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