‘Actually Much Less Than The Advertised €700m To Play With’


Earlier today.

Fianna Fáil TD’s Michael McGrath and Barry Cowen held a press conference to give an “update” on next week’s Budget 2020 process.

Virgin One Media’s political correspondent Gavan Reilly noted:


More as they get it.

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2 thoughts on “‘Actually Much Less Than The Advertised €700m To Play With’

  1. eoin

    Hey! Barry! Barra! Baz! B-Man! Has Paschal Donohue provided you with the figures he apologised in the Dail for not providing on Tuesday, namely the financial penalties that we will incur if the €5 (five) billion National Broadband Plan isn’t signed pronto with a consortium featuring Denis O’Brien? Paschal promised on Tuesday last that he would personally make sure the figures were provided to you on Wednesday last, at latest. So, Barry, what do they say? You’re not withholding them for some mention in the Sunday papers, are you?

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