No Tricks, All Treat


Top, from left:  Rian Ledwidge, Frida Maguire, Alba Keogh and Kyle Mc Donnell at Tayto Park in Ashbourne, Co. Meath, as the park announced a brand new kids attraction for Halloween – The Wicked Adventures at Tayto Park

Theres never anything  to do on Halloween.

Until now!

Ian Collins writes:

Tayto Park, Ireland’s favourite theme park and zoo located in Ashbourne, County. Meath, is excited to announce a brand-new kids attraction for Halloween – The Wicked Adventures at Tayto Park, which opens Saturday, October 18

On arrival at The Wicked Adventures at Tayto Park, transform into your favourite Halloween character at the Tayto Park Face Painting Hut, before stepping inside the Wicked Witches Lair where the spooktacular adventure trail begins.

..creep through the mysterious passageways of the pumpkin walkthrough and say hello to some of your favourite Halloween characters, but be prepared for a trick or a treat!

The magic and fun continues at the Wacky Wizard’s Mansion, be amazed by spooky magicians and learn some beastly breaking dancing, zombie zumba and much more before partying like a mon-star at the Wacky Wizard’s Mansion disco!

We have ONE (yes, one) FREE Family pass for up four people to giveaway to a Broadsheet reader.

To enter, Just tell us your most memorable (or least memorable) house-to-house Halloween collection moment.

Lines MUST close at 3.33pm Extended until 6.06pm MIDNIGHT.

Tayto Park

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10 thoughts on “No Tricks, All Treat

  1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    Weirdly, the plastic gravestone in the background commemorates a real guy.

    O commemorate me with no hero-courageous Tomb

  2. Maccers

    Most memorable – two years ago, some auld lad gave Maccers Jr a can of diet coke for her bag. The outside of the house was all decorated with smoke machines and everything so they were receiving visitors, I think he had just run out of stuff and panicked.
    I thought it was hilarious; I imagined his missus opening the fridge after a long, busy night of answering the door, ready to reward herself with a cheeky rum & coke, and the coke all gone. “DAAAVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE!!”.

    Also someone last year was handing out apples with small bags of monkey nuts. The disgust on the kids faces, priceless when I tried explaining that’s what we mainly got, back in the day sweets were the extras.

  3. Paulus

    Some kids arrived.
    They’d made no effort whatsoever.
    I had nothing left and told ’em so.
    They left.

    I claim the “least memorable” Halloween moment.

  4. Daniel Coady

    Combined most/least memorable moment.
    As a wee nipper of in or around 7 myself and my younger bro and sis spent one Halloween at our gran’s house. Tremendous excitement was had by all; aunties called round to dress us up before going out trick or treating and we were sure we would be diabetic by the end of the evening.
    What we hadn’t factored into account was that our grandparents lived in a fairly old neighborhood and there were very few other kids around. Apples and nuts were the pretty underwhelming fare of the day. We were getting fed up and about to pack it in before deciding to try one last house. Knocked on the door, full of hope and expectation and prepared our ‘trick’ (Irish dancing). A very aged gentleman who appeared to live on his own answered the door. Before we could start our pre-rehearsed trick, he announced that he would see if he had “a few coppers”. He disappeared to the back of his house and returned a couple of minutes later with 3 one pence pieces and ceremoniously handed them over one by one to each of us. This was the early 90’s. Needless to say, we were unimpressed and called it a day! Look back on it fondly now though.

    Anyway, Now I have two kids, both born in October and I want to take them to Tayto Park for their birthdays!! whoop whoop!!

  5. Penfold

    Hated going house to house. Used to live down crappy little road, and parents used to send us with little brother. Not good enough being sent in a bin bag dress and mask made from Weetabix box, but we had to head with our instruments and play “Dawning of the Day” as that all little git knew how to play. Couldn’t be seen to be simply beggin’ at doors, had to work for the apple or out of date bags of Tayto that were lying around neighbours houses. Lugging around an accordion in the rain was a joy, jumping into a ditch avoiding local doc speeding up in his BMW added to the pleasure.

  6. Optimus Grime

    Hands down it was mam telling all the trick or treaters to congregate at the back door. In the midst of no one answering the door my dad appeared on the roof over the back door in a crucifix pose wearing a facially deformed mask and a long black coat. Que utter chaos! The average age of the group was 6 years old! No one ever called to our house again for trick or treat….I supposed they saved money in the long run!

  7. Not Himselfe

    One Halloween manys a year ago in 80s Dublin my dad decided to dress as Evil Santy. He reckoned it would be hilarious to hide under the car and reach out and grab at kids coming up the driveway to the house. He crawled under on his belly and squeezed himself in as best he could. Anyway, after about 10 minutes when the novelty wore off (the kids were wide to his antics and he had to take a slash due to consumption of many beverages) he tried to crawl out from underneath said car only to find his jolly red suit snagged! No amount of manoeuvering could get him out. A neighbor rocked up with a jack but he was so well snagged he couldn’t move. Oh how we laughed.

    After about an hour of throwing peanuts at him and the entire neighborhood coming by for a good laugh we decided we might have to actually help him get out. Eventually the Fire Brigade, who happened to be around the corner doing what they do on Halloween night, had to come over and free him.

    Best Halloween ever!

  8. SoLo

    Before people went all out with Halloween decorations, we (me, brother and Da) were going around the houses. “Help the Halloween party” was the phrase round our way. Simpler times, apples; monkey nuts, having to do your party piece at some aul one’s door. Someone decided to put a bit of extra effort and jumped out of a bush at us in costume. My Da, no hesitation, boxed him right in the nose. I just remember his pushing us out of the garden “Go! go!” and the fella who turned out to be the 15 year old son running in crying “me nose”. Luckily my Da’s identity was kept a mystery by the fact that half the kids on the block were laying claim that it was their Da that did it.

  9. DOC

    Last year most of the children had been at the house between 7.30 and 8
    One turned up at a Quarter to nine and he said
    I an your PERIOD
    That is why i am LATE
    I fell around the place laughing…

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