Free Tomorrow?



From 11am at Liberty Hall, Eden Quay, Dublin 1.

The Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland, which was founded in 2014, will hold its first conference entitled ‘Towards A More Humane Asylum Process’.

The group writes:

“This conference will bring together people in the asylum system from all over the country who will speak about the past and present of the Direct Provision, asylum and deportation machine and point the way forward to the end of Direct Provision and a more humane asylum system.

“Speakers will be people who have been or are currently in the asylum and Direct Provision system.

“We will follow the day with a MASI party in the evening with brilliant music, song, dance and general good vibes, togetherness and solidarity.

“MASI – the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland – is a grassroots organisation based in Ireland.

“We are people who are or have been in the asylum and direct provision system in Ireland, working and advocating together for justice, freedom and dignity for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.

“Our focus is on the Right to Education and the Right to Work for all people seeking asylum, on the complete abolition of direct provision and an end to deportations.”

Meanwhile, MASI has set up a GoFundMe page to help with the costs of transportation for people in Direct Provision and emergency accommodation centres around Ireland who wish to attend the conference.

Those who wish can donate here.

MASI Conference 2019 (Facebook)

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9 thoughts on “Free Tomorrow?

  1. Jake38

    “Our focus is on …………….and an end to deportations.”

    So anyone who wants to can just pitch up and live here?

    No thanks.

  2. some old queen

    €13 k raised so far- good.

    As I have said before- MASI need to go on a PR offensive- people respond to human stories and there are some horrific ones in there- not just the DP conditions but the reasons why they come here in the first place.

    That these people are being used as pawns by BOTH the left and the right is despicable- this veil of secrecy around DP needs to be lifted.

  3. Aoife Brady

    Reform the appeal process, when an applicant fails we must deport them. Our appeals system is being played like a fiddle.

    1. Jake38

      Well said. The fleecing of the taxpayer by the endless appeals serves to enrich the legal profession even further. If you don’t like people being in direct provision for years, reform this farce and deport those who are not granted asylum.

      1. Ciuncainteach

        Perhaps we should also prohibit appealing in criminal cases, as the endless process of appeal and judicial review is draining the exchequer and also only serves to enrich the legal profession further.

          1. Ciuncainteach

            Maybe going a step further and removing all legal rights entirely would save even more taxpayer money?

            We could get rid of the courts, and instead adjudicate any civil disputes by dueling, and summarily execute anyone accused of committing a crime.

      2. scottser

        That’s a bit harsh. Why not have a system that allows economic migrants in without clogging up the asylum system?

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