Dara Doyle, of Bloomberg, tweetz:

Pensive looking Leo Varadkar this morning, at E&Y jobs launch…

Few enough words from Leo Varadkar beyond saying we are entering a potentially “rocky” period with Brexit ahead. Yes indeed.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar was at E&Y’s headquarters in Dublin this morning for the firm’s announcement of 650 new jobs across Ireland.

EY to create 600 jobs over the next 12 months (The Irish Times)

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8 thoughts on “On The Rocks

  1. postmanpat

    Good PR for EY. None of it is true of course but good PR none the less. Free advertising and exposure in the broadsheet newspapers for squares to eat up and feel good about over spending and over extending themselves. IT and Indo will be sure to post a chirpier and more optimistic photo of Leo ( maybe they’ll catch a split second where the remembers a new Kylie album is dropping or something ) . I wonder is it 600 jobs steady over 12 months? 50 a month? (HA) or the usual less than a hundred over ten months and a few months later even most of them are let go and we will get a “…sadly due to economic downturn etc…” statement buried in a single paragraph column on page 29 next September 2020.

    1. V


      It’s more about getting their names scratched onto one of EYs PR gongs;
      and a new title ie Award Winning

      EY Finance Writer of the Year
      EY Blogger of the Year
      EY Daily of the Year
      EY Start-up of the year
      YE get the drift

      And shur’ who doesn’t want a photo with whom ever EY blag from the cabinet on a pink lavender purple podium at the blowhards dinner dance

      1. Tea And Brexits

        +600 twunts walking around the Grand Canal lunch market with rainbow coloured plastic lanyards and ID cards around their necks.

  2. Shitferbrains

    And he’s deliberately run the Defence Forces into the ground so that the border – and there will be a border if there’s no deal – can’t be defended.

  3. V

    Ah lads
    What’s wrong with ye – a bitta’ Monday Morning blues?

    Any chance of a decent caption for the twin head lights on Leo’s forehead before ye knock off for the evening

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