5 thoughts on “What Crisis?

    1. Rob

      That’s just legal speak for permanent job.

      They’re just prepping for the next financial crisis. They come along every now and again. It would be worse if they weren’t making such plans. We’d probably already be in the next one if it wasn’t for the CB mortgage rules.

  1. martco

    frankly, given what’s afoot across the water if I was someone who had, say, over €150k stored away in any single bank account I’d be rearranging the furniture

  2. Harry M

    Had a look at the “Bank Executive” grade, it’s entry level. If the Central Bank are actually doing their job they should be prepared for all sorts of eventualities that will hopefully never happen, though there will of course be more financial crises

  3. phil

    The Central Bank should be expecting a crisis all the time , have you met any of the guys who run this country ?

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