A Limerick A Day


A no-deal Brexit could prevent County Antrim’s Down Royal (above) from hosting its showpiece festival of racing in November

Some horses that just want to race
Have a new set of hurdles to face
Outside the EU
No one’s sure what to do
To get the beasts to the right place

John Moynes

Pics: Down Royal

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2 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. V

    If anything it might explain Paschal’s kind gesture to the one man and his bag and blackboard yesterday

    In the meantime, despite getting an extra € 150 onto my annual tax credit
    I’m getting hit with another 5% Withholding Tax

    I’ve said it before – so join in with me this time;
    On three
    1 …2…..I’m in the wrong game altogether

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