“I Tried To Roar It From The Rooftops And Was Met With Deafening Silence”


From Catherine Byrne (third left) yesterday; Sinn Féin Dublin City Councillor Daithi Doolin

This morning.

Further to revelations in the High Court that officials from Dublin City Council were aware and recommended that protection money be paid to two violent criminals so that council houses could be built in west Dubli.,

On Today with Sean O’Rourke on RTÉ Radio One.

Sinn Féin Dublin City Council councillor Daithí Doolin has said that that he informed the former Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald, the then Minister for Housing Simon Coveney, and junior housing minister and Fine Gael TD Catherine Byrne, and a number of Garda superintendents and assistant commissioners about matters concerning extortion on Christmas Eve, 2015

Cllr Doolin said he his requests for an urgent meeting were ignored. He said he wasn’t aware that Catherine Byrne TD had discussed the matter with the council (which she said yesterday).

Cllr Doolin said:

“we required a meeting for a comprehensive response. One person almost lost his life. over this. He was doused in petrol and set on fire…There was silence at the time..I tried to roar it from the  rooftops and was met with deafening silence.”

More as we get it.

Earlier: No Payment Were Made By The City Council

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18 thoughts on ““I Tried To Roar It From The Rooftops And Was Met With Deafening Silence”

  1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    I wish Daithi Doolin was with any other party.
    He is a very hard worker, always speaking extremely well and sensibly on matters pertaining to housing.

  2. Clampers Outside

    Who in the council made the recommendations that the racketeers be paid? …it had to come from someone, and likely.more than just one…

  3. Kdoc

    The protection racket is nothing new in Dublin. I’m old enough to remember the RTE current affairs programme, 7 DAYS, investigated the protection racket in the Parnell Street area. What’s new, or maybe not, is the involvement of the city council.

  4. Cian

    What is the problem?
    That the council were (allegedly) paying protection money?
    Or that anyone has to pay protection money?

  5. eoin

    Fair play to the Shinners. Last night on The Late Debate, the SF housing spokesperson Eoin O’Broin described similar criminality in his constituency which includes Clondalkin and there, there was “a massive Garda response” which put an end to the intimidation and attempts at extortion.

    So, does the government and the Gardai think Ballyfermot is a Mad Max no-go area? And what about Sheriff Street or the Liberties? What’s the going rate for protection there?

    You wouldn’t get it in Dalkey, that’s for sure.

    1. postmanpat

      No, but a lot of them live in their big houses despite being hundreds of thousands of euros in mortgage arrears.

  6. A Person

    Seriously, that is laughable. A shinner complaining about protection money on Irish, not just NI building sites. They have been doing it for 40 years. Dundalk, Drogheda, Balbriggan, north Dublin city. I said in a previous post, the local gangster will always try and intimidate any medium building site i.e. the ones too small to bother, or too large to have 24 hour security. Cheaper to pay the scumbags. Part of the reason why we can’t deliver homes on time under budget without larger developers involved. Interesting to see that some gobsheens on this forum and the media focus their middle class or leftist outrage on DCC as opposed to the scumbags .

    1. Man On Fire

      Seriously, this is laughable, a fg shill thinks the housing crisis is because protection money is being paid to gangsters who are targeting smaller builds.

      1. A Person

        You have just made my case. No comment on the scumbag gangsters, and the fact that shinners have been seeking protection money off businesses in Ireland for years. Read above “Part of the reason why we can’t deliver homes”. Attack me instead. Play the man not the ball, typical shinner – it’s all FG / FF fault. And again, I have no affiliation to any political party. I least I can say that honesty, unlike you.

        1. V

          By the same token
          Developers could argue that Local Councils have been at this for years themselves under the disguise of
          “Development Contributions’

          And how is all this any different than what George Redmond was at?

          Like, here’s a real case example; how much of the total cost of Liffey Valley was in “non-direct” costs
          I seem to remember a gun was found under the site office there
          I also remember planning notices getting destroyed daily

          All sorted locally

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