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Wistman’s Wood – a forest of lichenated dwarf oak trees on the eastern slopes of the West Dart River in southern Devon.

Described as ‘the most haunted place on Dartmoor’ and captured above in all its mystical gloom by Neil Burnell.


seijikawasaki4 seijikawasaki7woodfood11woodfood18woodfood9 woodfood7seijikawasaki8woodfood2woodfood1woodfood5

Extraordinarily realistic food sculptures by Seiji Kawasaki, hand carved from blocks of wood, painted, detailed and occasionally imbued with quirky functionality, as with the chilli pepper chopstick rests.

More here.



Dublin this evening.

They’re not looking for pumpkins.

Jack Ascinine writes:

Swarm of about 25 kids on the tear through city centre looking for anything that burns. Around Grafton Street area now.

More as they get it.

God speed, wood hungry tykes.


You’ll like John.

For the last fifty four years, the amateur woodcarver has kicked back and whittled some, to say the least. He can carve anything out of a single piece of wood, from a block to a toothpick.

Here, he casually introduces some of his extraordinary carvings – each one more impressive than the last.


Wooden-Vespa-Scooter-by-Carlos-Alberto-3Wooden-Vespa-Scooter-by-Carlos-Alberto-4vespaWooden-Vespa-Scooter-by-Carlos-Alberto-2 Wooden-Vespa-Scooter-by-Carlos-Alberto-1Carpenter and contender for best-dad-in-the-world Carlos Alberto created this rather wonderful road-legal 50cc laminated hardwood Vespa for his daughter Daniella, and named it after her.