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This afternoon.

Jamestown Business Park, Jamestown Road, Finglas, Dublin, 11.

Mick McCrory (above), owner of Finglas Fuel supplies, prepares for a rush on wood. A €200 energy rebate to every household in the country was among the Government’s cost of living package announced yesterday.

Everybody huddle.

No Govt plans for further cost of living interventions (RTE)

Sam Boal/RollingNews

This afternoon.

The Coinvention Centre, Dublin

Forestry owners hold a protest outside the Convention Centre where the Dáil is sitting over a bureaucratic backlog which has rendered Ireland reduced to importing extra timber from the UK and Europe and left 6,000 forestry owners without a licence.

They literally can’t see the woods from their trees.

IFA President Tim Cullinan said:

“Farmers are being denied the right to manage their forests. They planted their land with the legitimate expectation that they would be able to thin and realise an income during its rotation, but the delays mean that this is no longer a reality for many,”

This is jeopardising the entire industry, from nurseries to sawmilling, with hundreds of jobs already lost. The increased volume of imported timber is placing the health of the forest estate at unnecessary risk.

Not to mention the economic burden on forest owners who cannot release the equity in their forests or who are watching the value of their timber crop decrease by over €10,000/ha if they cannot get a licence to thin.”

Farmers protest over backlog of 6,000 forestry licences (Independent.ie)

Eamon Farrell/RollingNews

Kerry’s Eye tweetz:

At an antique shop in Tralee an old cabinet bearing a “striking resemblance” to the Virgin Mary is drawing devotees into the store, blessing themselves and rubbing holy medals against it – as the otherwise ordinary furniture piece becomes a point of pilgrimage for believers.


Duncan Willis tweetz:

My garden shed has the face of a weird space alien in the wood cladding.

It’s a place of pilgrimage for all sorts of UFO theory nutters, sci-fi geeks and weirdos in general – otherwise known as me and my mates.


Avery Heart tweetz:

Knew one day I’d have a reason to photograph these two. One alien and one frightened dog? They watch my every tweet.

Neil Halpin tweetz:

Bush League…