Where Is ‘Neon Nina’?


They call her ‘Neon Nina’.

You really can’t miss her.

Nora C writes:

I know there are terrible things happening in the world and this will seem utterly trivial, but this is Neon Nina (who was crafted by the lovely lads at FunkedUp.com) and she’s been thieved from our scurrilous streets (well Baggot Street, Dublin 2 specifically) in the dead of night.

I am desperately fond of her and am aware of the slim chance of getting her back, but, if I retrieve her from anyone’s sound and observant reports I will cross your palm, or the palm of your chosen charity, with fifty Euros. This is a solemn promise.

She’s a distinctive lass as you can see and she’s a real Mammy’s girl. All help via likes or shares massively appreciated! Sending out as many positive vibes as I can with this one.

I know there are a million worse things that can happen, but this one is a Stage 12 pain in the hoop. Yours, Not-So-Neon Nora…


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7 thoughts on “Where Is ‘Neon Nina’?

  1. Tarfton Clax

    May Gulbuth the thorny cocked one hollow them out and use them as prophelactics on the fang wombed hags of eternal agony.

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