What you’ll be wearing next Dark Age.

This afternoon.

Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

Openly pagan members of ‘Extinction Rebellion’ outside the Dáil on Day 4 of their week-long public demonstrations for ‘Climate Justice’ where they encountered TDs, including Labour Party’s Joan Burton  (pink scarf).


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An Aer Lingus flight from London City Airport to Dublin was grounded by a climate change protester earlier today.

A number of passengers reported that a man stood up holding a mobile phone as the plane was about to take off and began talking about climate change issues.

Cabin crew asked the man to return to his seat but he refused.

As a result, the pilot taxied back to the gate where police officers came on board and took the man off the plane.

How to win hearts and minds.

Aer Lingus flight grounded by climate protester (RTÉ)

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9 thoughts on “Wicker World

  1. Brughahaha

    Wow , there must be at least …phew , 20 people there , maybe even , a staggering ..30 people ..what a success …and how representative and entitled to close down a city square

  2. Dhaughton99

    Great form of protest. Buy a €15 ticket and create a nuisance of yourself. Only problem is that he’ll probably be charged with hijacking or something similar.

  3. f_lawless

    Kudos to that guy wearing the wicker lampshade over his head. – if my hunch is right, it’s clever solution to keep his Extinction Rebellion girlfriend happy by attending the protest but at the same time making sure his mates are never able to identify him thus avoiding any potential ridicule.

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