Bikes, Damned Lies And Statistics


Here’s How.

The lively current affairs podcast presented by William Campbell (above right).

William writes:

Paul Cullen, the Irish Times Health Editor(above left) is a lifelong cyclist, but some bike enthusiasts thought an article of his – and many others in his paper – are victim-blaming vulnerable road users who suffer the most in collisions.

In our discussion, I mentioned a number of articles and scientific studies, including this analysis of the reporting of deaths of vulnerable road users by Joe Lindsey, and this study by Kelcie Ralph et al. I also mentioned that international and Irish studies indicate – contrary to popular imagination – motorists break traffic laws more frequently than cyclists….

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Here’s How

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  1. curmudgeon

    Wow can’t wait to listen to this. But I guess I’ll have to since THREE mobile have blocked your mp3 under their Adult Content filter!

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