The first day of Dublin City Council’s traffic-free trial in College Green, Dublin 2, on July 21 

Ronan Early, in The Times Ireland edition, reports:

Dublin City Council spent €17,000 renting metal barriers used during the pedestrianisation of College Green over the summer.

Vehicles were banned from Dame Street for three Sundays, July 21, 28 and August 4, as a pilot project.

…A freedom of information request by The Times has revealed that the council paid €17,000 to Actavo, the engineering services group owned by the businessman Denis O’Brien, to rent the barriers.

…Neasa Hourigan, a Green Party councillor and member of the group Streets are for People, said she could not understand why the council needed to spend almost €6,000 a day on barriers to pedestrianise a street.

Dublin council spent €17,000 on barriers for College Green pedestrianisation (The Times Ireland edition, Ronan Early)

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14 thoughts on “How Much?

  1. Leopold Gloom

    How many barriers were there, and for how long each day? How much were they charging ex vat and, who put them up and took them down if it wasn’t being done by Council workers.

    Was it put to tender at any point, or are Actavo (we know they are) the only approved supplier to keep DoB going

  2. Brother Barnabas

    actavo was also paid €269,208 for the hire of ‘equipment’ during trump’s two day visit to doonbeg in june

    1. Brughahaha

      No I think she’s pointing out they were a completely unnecessary waste of money …as evidenced by all those other barrier free pedestrian areas ………

  3. Boj

    And DCC’s reaction will be…mortification? Eye-rolling at stupid public? Or neither…cos like…who cares??

  4. Lilly

    Am I missing something here? What on earth is the point of endless barriers running parallel along a road that’s closed to traffic? Are they dedicating one lane to bowling or something.

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