John Finn tweetz:

I was doing a property shoot in Cork City last Thursday. A man stopped and started posing. An inoffensive, humorous guy, full of fun. I took his snap and he was delighted. His name was Tim Hourihane, from Bantry. He was murdered on Saturday night. RIP.

Gardaí confirm probe into death of homeless man in Cork is now a murder inquiry (Joe Leogue, The Irish Examiner)

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12 thoughts on “In Cork

    1. V

      Tis Janie
      But what a lovely photo of his last days to be his remaining public image
      Instead of scene of crime pics

      RIP Tim bhoy

  1. Steph Pinker

    Disturbing, upsetting and terribly sad.

    To quote a wise man: ‘More inhumanity has been done by man* himself than any other of nature’s causes.’

    Well done FG; here is the death of another homeless person you won’t have to worry about anymore! Bring on the next General Election because I will be up early every morning canvassing against FFG – not to mention the rest of the political elite.

    *Personally, I’d substitute ‘man’ with ‘politicians’.

  2. dav

    “A bit lost” – it’s probably something to do with your lack of empathy allied to your defence of the blushirts..

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