At the weekend.

Rhys McClenaghan, 20, from Down, became the first Irish gymnast to win a medal at the World Championships after claiming a bronze in the pommel horse category in Stuttgart, Germany.

Rhys McClenaghan makes history with World Championship bronze (Off The Ball)


Rhys speaks to GymCastic after winning his medal.

In fairness.

‘Pretty amazing’ – History maker Rhys McClenaghan claims bronze at Worlds (RTÉ)

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7 thoughts on “Rhys Is The Word

    1. rotide


      If you mean ‘reported in all major news outlets on this island’ then fine. If not you are as usual lying thruough your teeth to further whatever insane agenda you have.

      Likewise for the hard of thinking who are +1’ing this

      1. V

        Who the _ú_k do you think you are Rot?
        are as usual lying thruough your teeth
        Jeremy Kyle runs you close – nice company for ya

        hard of thinking am I?

        P!ss off with yourself
        You’re the Broadsheet weever fish
        Lurking under the sand.
        Waiting to sting

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