[We] ‘Alienated A Section Of The Public Who Rightly Or Wrongly Perceived RTÉ As Biased’


From top: Irish Water protests, O’Connell Street, Dublin, Summer 2017′ RTÉ broadcaster Bryan Dobson


In The Sunday Times, Mark Tighe reported on minutes of meetings of the RTÉ Board from 2016 onwards which he obtained via requests under the Freedom of Information Act.

Mr Tighe reported:

Bryan Dobson, who now presents Morning Ireland, gave a presentation in which he said coverage of the water charge protests had “alienated a section of the public” who “rightly or wrongly perceived RTE as biased”.

Dobson said the station’s role should be to create a “neutral space for public debate”.

Dobson also said that the age of RTE’s audience had been an issue since the economic crash. He suggested the station should recruit “younger people to relate to a younger audience”.

A section of its “core audience, especially in the regions, felt RTE was not interested in them”.

In fairness.

Well-paid mind.

RTE board urges station to get with the programme (Mark Tighe, The Sunday Times)

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6 thoughts on “[We] ‘Alienated A Section Of The Public Who Rightly Or Wrongly Perceived RTÉ As Biased’

  1. Skeptik

    Youth watching RTE?
    You don’t get many Youtube Influencers on fossil-tube.
    That ship has sailed a long time ago.

  2. Dr.Fart

    also when they do actually get young creative people to make something, they don’t give them free reign on it and assign a ‘keeper’ esssentially, someone who shadows them and interjects with changes and alterations on behalf of RTE. So it’s counter-intuitive. It’s like hiring a young hot model, but then not being able to suppress your conservatism and then sending her out in a frumpy granny frock.

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