Flat Red Line Issue


Economist Dara Turnbull tweetz:

Spending on actual social housing has dropped off a cliff since ’07, while housing welfare has recovered strongly. Clearly Fine Gael have chosen to pad the pockets of private landlords rather than building.


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7 thoughts on “Flat Red Line Issue

  1. RT

    Print this & have on hand to show to / discuss with FG (and FF) election candidates calling to your doorstep in the next few months if you’re a victim of the housing crisis

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      Jonathan Corrie died on that doorstop outside the Dail 5 years ago.
      We have been in an acute housing emergency for 5 years.
      Churchill defeated the Nawzis within 5 years.
      We haven’t made a dent in our foe.
      Leo might reflect on that while enjoying today’s opinion polls.

  2. Qwerty123

    Yes, HAP payments are skyrocketing. You can get your rent paid unto 2,800 in Dublin if you qualify. Need to earn guts 45k gross equivalent.

    Councils dumping their responsibility of housing social tenants onto the private market. Most buy to let apartments now are for HAP recipients.

    And it is cheaper for the councils to do this than build and look after tenants themselves.

    1. V

      Not Councils Q

      They follow the directions/ regulations of the Dept of Environment and have to work within their (reduced) budgets for their own Housing depts, even with maintaining their own stocks.

      It has been a strategy of both Fianna Fail and Fine Gael, principally the former via Bertie’s days as a Minister for Finance to privatise Social Housing; and endorsed by Labour, and the Greens, all the way. They all colluded in the dumbing down of the Local Authority operational output.

      The reality is that the Private landlord’s expansion into Social Housing has been evolving and growing for nearly thirty years- even before the birth of the FF Tent hay days

      If this Government or the previous one, had any real interest in Social Housing they would have reinvigorated the Local Authorities and given them the resources, and the permission to build, and the only say on what housing needs they have in their local jurisdictions

      The local Housing Depts are far more equipped and able to manage their own local housing needs than a Dublin Based Govt department and one of its Jobs for the Boys quangos; and a Minister with no experience. You may not know this but Housing – all forms of Housing; Private PPR, Social, Emergency, Investment etc, is dictated by the Banks,

      HAP and the Mortgage to Rent Scheme are in their own way another Bank Bailout; like Direct Provision is providing one to bad Hoteliers; which prompts the question, do these converted rural Hotels, and those urban ones that have homeless families accommodated, also get to enjoy the handy special rates the Hotel Industry lobbied for?

      All housing is local, just as community resources, services and needs are, like schools, health centres, right down to Wheel Chair spaces
      Decisions need to be made locally to manage local needs.

      The solution to our National Housing Crisis is in the hands of Local Authorities and their Local Resources in the VHB sector. The same goes for Rural regeneration btw..

      1. Qwerty123

        Agree on every point there, well said, councils need to build, build, build….. and not make the mistake of selling them to their tenants down the line.

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