Spotted at an undisclosed location in Galway.

Alan Curran tweetz:

I’m struggling to understand why anyone in Galway City Council thought it’d be a good idea to cut grass today. Making an absolute f**k of it.


Video footage can be watched here.

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9 thoughts on “Clear As Mud

  1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

    all this ridiculous lawn hangover from the Brits should be seeded with native wild grass and flowers

  2. postmanpat

    “I’ve got my orders…” Council workers aren’t the sharpest tools in the box. Remember only last month a mouth breather filled in a wetland in Tallaght with silt and didn’t occur to stop and ring anyone to discuss how odd his orders seemed. It comes down to compliance of staff in jobs , a lot of people don’t have minds of their own. Think about it, you could ask 100 council workers to do something f–ked up, such as dump a load of waste in a sketchy manner or do a job in conditions where you would make a worse mess than before (see above) , now,,, how many of then will just keep the head down and do what they are told no argument? Id say 90 , another nine would get into an argument and ultimately get told to put up and shut up . . That’s the way of the world is. Throw in disinterested contractors and sub-contractor and any organisation can get anything done and afterwards ride of criticism and claim “miscommunication” . “no one to blame” . But back to above , the guy who did this should be reprimanded and fined at least due to incompetence. Criminal charges brought against him too. The same with the uncle tom knuckle dragger who filled in that wetland last month. (he should be in jail) Seems harsh but people have to learn personal responsibility. And also not to blindly follow orders from management and learn to question them once in a while.

    1. martco

      I can confirm that (as recently as 2 years ago) in the hiring process of one particular Dublin area CoCo (and I have no reason to believe it’s different elsewhere) they place emphasis on weeding out independent thinkers.

      so you can see the result.

      1. postmanpat

        well Ill tell ya. I’m getting fed up with the lazy attitude of these “workers” . I think confronting the contractor during the act is the best way forward, rather than just filming from a safe distance one could also approach the worker and block his path, demand answers , see what the response is. see if the ape gets thick .call the guards. make a big scene FFS! Criminal damage is happening and people are filming it like that mugging in the finale episode of Seinfeld. Did this halfwit go on to destroy another green area(s) .

  3. Paulus

    Perhaps Sherry Fitz were anxious to include the phrase;
    “…facing manicured public space” in their blurb?

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