What A Beautiful Horizon


This afternoon.

Barcelona, Spain.

Two million estimated.

Any excuse.

Strike paralyses Catalonia as protesters converge on Barcelona (France24)

Earlier: Meanwhile, In Barcelona

Pic: Getty

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14 thoughts on “What A Beautiful Horizon

  1. RuilleBuille

    Like the Palestinian protesters or the French yellow vests the Catalans will get minimal media coverage.

    Unlike the Kuomintang protesters in China.

  2. Morgen Scheißkopf

    According to official Garda Siochana estimates, there are only 422 people at that march.

  3. White Dove

    Amazing picture – thanks for keeping us updated on this. The history of the Irish and Catalans is very similar – both subjugated nations. Although we got our independence, we seem to have reverted back into compliance and deference to a new overlord – the EU – accepting life under terrible conditions. The Catalans are an inspiration and this picture a testimony of beauty in so many respects!

    1. Christopher

      Oh please! You compare the Irish situation of complete cultural obliteration by the British to the continued support of Catalan Culture and identity by Spain?

      1. shayna

        My family are O’Neill – we have many O’Neills, and a few O’Donnells in Catalonia, since 1607 . The flight of the Earls thing. It’s kinda like Montreal in Canada when they had a referendum to become an independent state – they failed. Scotland tried similarly, and similarly failed. Catalan – #je suis catalan

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