For Your Consideration


Dublin, 1986.

Bongobob writes:

Dublin in the 80s – familiar faces Dublin 1986 – Little John Nee, Thom McGinty, Buskers, Chuggers, Street traders and the Gardaí…

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9 thoughts on “For Your Consideration

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Ah, how I remember those heady days. Little Jon changed everything a couple of years later. He was up on his 100th charge when the judge said that the next Guard to bring Jon in was going to be held in contempt. Weirs were the worst for calling the guards.. on the north side the guards were totally cool..

  1. Billy Bob

    The Garda pictured in that video looks a lot like a young Pat Byrne who went on to be commissioner of that organisation.

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