12 thoughts on “Was it For This?

  1. shayna

    Apologies for my ignorance – I live in the North, but what is the charge for? Also, I don’t think it would cost very much to change the graphics on the software charging for whatever it is. I’m not sure if it’s technically beyond The Pale, or within The Pale – given Dublin’s history with London.

  2. shayna

    ‘organic redistribution’ – wouldn’t the Gardaí call it ‘fly-tipping’? For a few years, I had a business selling and installing a/v equipment, which included projectors. The lamps on projectors have a limited life span, and are expensive. When my customers ordered a replacement lamp, I in turn ordered from my supplier and was charged a disposal fee of the used lamp, despite the fact that I did not see the lamp, since new, and most likely had ended up, ár san bruscar? An EU directive of disposal of electrical goods kinda finished my business – oh, also, I drink a lot.

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