It’s Younger They’re Getting


This afternoon.

Leinster House, Dublin 2.

Ailbhe aged 1 and Fionn, aged 4, from Roscommon (outside the Dail) for an Extinction Rebellion Ireland protest who will stage a theatrical mock ‘trial’ of Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment set twenty years from now.

Hey, worked for Mao.

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Leah Farrell/RollingNews

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10 thoughts on “It’s Younger They’re Getting

  1. Lurch

    Beautiful kids.
    I hope their future can be safeguarded from ruthless billionaires aided by unwitting online trolls.

    1. Liars Gonna Lie

      It’s their cowardly parents I’d be more worried about: What’s next? Forced gender transitioning?

      Climate Change is a Scam.

  2. Tea And Brexits

    ER have lost the plot. Living vicariously through kids? Ah here. And peeing off people in the street by delaying people? They’ve thrown away a lot of goodwill. Very poor strategy for progress. Still, Irish Times readers were never good at protesting were they?

    1. dhaughton99

      I’m just after walking passed the local scouts den and theres a line of SUVs waiting for the little ones with the engines running.

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