Staying In Amárach?


He’s back.

Hector USA: Ó Chósta go Cósta on TG4

Linda Ní Ghríofa writes:

Ireland’s most famous intrepid traveller Hector Ó hEochagáin  (top with the Blind Boys of Alkabama] opens our eyes to “His America” as he takes on the road trip of a lifetime from Coast to Coast as he treks across the Southern States from Savannah on the Atlantic to San Diego on the Pacific.

Hector USA will be road tripping from Georgia through Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana into Texas, New Mexico and Arizona before finishing up on the Pacific seaboard in California.

Covering 8 states and more than 5000 miles on the road, it will be one helluva awesome adventure with Hector taking us to a world only he can access.

Any excuse

On TG4 Thursdays from tomorrow 9.30pm.

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18 thoughts on “Staying In Amárach?

  1. scottser

    ‘a world only he can access.’
    like going full on bogger to the blind boys of alabama ‘well lads, can ye belt out the rocky road hah? whack fol-ol-de-daaaaah, wha?!!?

    1. Rob_G

      Staying away from your family for several weeks while shooting a tv programme isn’t really a ‘jolly’ – it’s a lot of hard work.

  2. Paulus

    The humour and enthusiasm of people like Hector is often described as “infectious” – and with no known cure.

  3. dav

    I’ll always remember his 1st Amú series in the USA, he was down in Kentucky – went to a Bourbon factory and couldn’t drink it because a “dry County” and went to a horse trainer where they filmed the “covering” of a mare where the Stallion got a bit too excited and.. missed the target at the wrong moment.
    Great viewing for a Sunday evening, in the 190’s…

  4. Bic Miggy

    Anyone else think RTÉ really (over)reaching for any traction lately? Country music ‘stars’ with orchestral backing? Disinterring Glenroe? Monkey tennis?

  5. Ben Redmond

    Ar aghaidh leat a Hector, agus na f-ck leis na póilíní i Mericea. Beidh tú i dtrioblóid.

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