We Don’t Normally Do This


Cormac tweetz:

I picked up a pair of what I thought were cheapo headphones up off the road on Barrow St today (I am a magpie). On closer inspection, they’re a pretty pricey pair. Would like to reunite them with their owner.


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6 thoughts on “We Don’t Normally Do This

  1. blahblahblah

    if they’re as fancy as you think give them a good disinfectant wipe and a replacement pair of tips – the likelihood of returning them to the original owner and not some chancer is nil so enjoy them sure.

  2. Iwerzon

    If you can get a bit of ear wax from the bud and do a DNA test and ask the Guards to run it through PULSE you might find the owner has a criminal record. If no results – keep’em.

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