Getting A Gript


The Here’s How Podcast.

Host William Campbell (right) meets John McGuirk (left), formerly of the Save the 8th campaign, about his new venture, the conservative news and opinion website Gript.

William writes:

Can we trust his opinions? Can we believe his news?

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Here;s How


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31 thoughts on “Getting A Gript

  1. class wario

    Is there any reason I have been permanently put on the naughty list at this point? Seems a disproportionate response to a few mild criticisms of the editorial bent on here. Fellas trying to defend or handwave away a TD’s car being burnt out in response to their support of migrants however can post freely, seems a bit odd

    Done. Play nice.

    1. A Person

      Also don’t mention the shinners and their intimidation of the Quinn Group, or their supporters and connections to the human traffickers.

      1. Man On Fire

        “connections to human trafficking..”

        Mo Robinson is a DUP/UDA supporter.

        Wrong yet again A Person.

        1. A Person

          Really, where is your proof / sources of that? How come you can’t answer a single question about the intimidation of the Quinn executives (I’ll take a guess, they are cowardly shinners)? Again track me, and don’t answer the issues. Coward.

          1. Man On Fire

            You never asked a question..

            And you’ve insinuated that shinners are involved without a shred of evidence.

            Get your s***t together.

    2. italia'90

      You guys haven’t even lived yet!
      Entering my 3rd year on the naughty step.
      Have been commenting since almost the first day.
      Thanks Bodge.

      1. Man On Fire

        As am I, tbh having Bodger edit and ok my posts doesn’t bother me. We generally agree on everything.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Bit of a silly question “Can we trust his opinions? Can we believe his news?”
    Applicable to all media.

  3. curmudgeon

    Had quick look at the website. I went in with an open mind. Wish I didn’t. If I was a religious type I’d say we should pray for their souls. John McGuirk is indeed articulate, but his journalistic standards dont stand up to scrutiny. William does a very good job of holding to him to account on this using the articles on his own website as an examples.

    This country has a real problem with media generated opinion consensus and its the reason many of us flock to and But Gript is not helpful, its articles promote falsehoods and cite disengenuous articles as evidence and many of their writers seem to view everything through a very narrow lens.

    1. V

      Couldn’t tell ya Rob

      But when you say it firmly GRIPT

      It has a sinister cynical vulgarity to it
      Like the word Thug or Fart

      But that’s just me

    2. Tea And Brexits

      Prolly some kind of play on “Spiked” meets “Get a Grip” – more of the same really.

  4. Shayna

    Has anyone on BS ever been to Derrylin, or just a tad down the road, County Cavan? It’s desolate. Sean Quinn breathed fresh air into the economy – perhaps, too ambitiously? I was in a pub one night in Cavan, Sean Quinn came in and joined a card game – the buy-in was 20 cents.

    1. A Person

      You cannot be serious? There are people getting beaten withing an inch of their lives, and getting threatened with death. Council workers can’t remove signs. But one man plays cards for 20 cents – that man who we all have to pay extra insurance because he effed up. The man with the biggest house in Cavan. Ah sure that makes it all okay. Deluded.

      1. V

        Effed up my h*le

        The greedy pr*ck had the cash to shore up the Insurance side of the Quinn group interests and refused
        He opted to deepen his own personal wealth and that of his family by using the Quinn Businesses’ war chest to build a billionaires portfolio of properties that the companies had no rights over

      2. GiggidyGoo

        Not sure about him effing up in the insurance business.
        Go back to BUPA and Mary Harneys successful steps to close it so that VHI could have a free run. BUPA left, and all was going dandy for Harney until Quinn came in and bought the company and continued to offer competitive insurance.
        Harney, abetted by her FF boyos pursued Quinn’s new company business with vigour and made sure it also couldn’t operate.
        Quinn insurance brought competition to the insurance market. Much like Ryanair actually which also were in the sights of FF. (more history).

        I’ve been to Derrylin twice. To QIH as it happens. Quinn did breath new life into it. I don’t know the current owners history or what they’ve done to deserve what’s happening. They have kept the breath of life in Derrylin.
        Say, for instance, this campaign is successful against them.
        What happens if they sell up? Same treatment for the new owners?
        What happens if they close up? Lots of families in deep doo doo.
        Quinn now says he has no interest in it.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      I have seen this in another community further east and it does not last. In the land of the blind etc. I was working with a Cavan girl in the mid 00s and she thought Quinn was god. Absolute corruption from the beginning has erupted into this quagmire. Shite sticks….in the shite sticks of border country.

  5. Daisy Chainsaw

    Is it pronounced gripped or griped? Either way, it’s a nasty, poisonous organisation whose members like Tim Jackson support the Assad regime. Antichoice, anti immigrant, and McGuirk is a liar who tried to convince us a convicted bank robber was a nurse during the repeal referendum.

      1. bisted

        …err..I’m opposed to crooked Hillary and her campaign of regime change and bedlam in the Middle East…so I guess… I support Basher…+Putin…

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