Gardaí are appealing for anyone who may have been on the South Circular Road between 8.15am – 8.45am and who may have dash cam footage, to come forward following a fatal collision involving a cyclist.

Broadsheet contributor Alan O’Regan writes:

I’m the last person to take to social media after seeing something horrible (I’m no rubbernecker. I despise that) but this morning I saw something awful.

I was walking to the end of my road (South Circular Road at the back of St. James’ Hospital) at about 8.15am and lying there on the street, outside the Mace shop, was a body. Next to it was a mangled bicycle.

My first thought, looking at this scene from across the street, was ‘that person is dead.’ I don’t know how I knew, but I just did. Something about the stillness of the scene.

There was no car or truck around and nobody was bending over the body which made the scene even more surreal. It had literally just happened and people didn’t know what to do.

Some workers from the new hospital building site were going over and placing hi-vis vests across the body and I stood and watched for a moment out of sheer shock. It was just unutterably sad.

I walked on as I heard the ambulance speeding up from Rialto. A couple of more workers were running from the site towards the scene and another followed with a medical bag. News reports now emerging say the cyclist was in a collision with a lorry.

You see the works at the hospital have been going for a long time now and for a long time the South Circular Road in that area has been filled with site traffic.

Huge trucks going back and forth to the site constantly all day. So many of them that the tarmac on the road at that junction is like the surface of the moon.

Huge chunks of the road have been churned up, filled in, churned up again. A truck even goes up and down the road all day spraying the ground to keep the dust at bay.

I have nothing against progress and I know that the hospital needs to be built but I also knew somewhere inside that something was going to happen at some point. Some collision, some accident.

I’m not blaming anyone but I just hope that some more thought will now be given to traffic management to at least take some of the site traffic out of regular traffic there.

God be with that person on the ground.

I’m sure readers will have lots of questions and opinions but I just wanted to write in to say what I saw. It helped to type this out.

Cyclist Killed After Collision With A Lorry In Dublin (Examiner)


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17 thoughts on “This Morning

  1. Lilly

    The Irish Times got the time wrong so.

    ‘The collision occurred at around 9am and the road was closed to traffic…’

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Yes, it’s also horrific to witness a serious accident and the images never leave you. I can imagine Alan is quite rattled by it.

  2. Pip

    In fairness, traffic management around building sites always seems to be extremely well carried out these days.

  3. frank

    I similarly saw the aftermath of the fatality of the 19 year old UCD student at the corner of Greenfields road and the Stillorgan dual carriage way.
    Again a truck. Again no traffic management.
    Only after that accident did the construction company put traffic management personnel on the road.

  4. Dhaughton99

    The junction where that Garda car is parked is in a shocking state. I reported to DCC around 6 months ago and nothing has been done with it.

  5. Kingfisher

    Shocking – and enraging. This junction would have been part of the Greater Dublin Area Cycle Network, which was announced in 2013 and then forgotten about. He need never have died, if the State had taken up its responsibility for the safety of vulnerable people on the roads.

  6. Dr.Fart

    myself and death are quite familiar. it is very shocking the first time you see it. i know exactly what he means by knowing straight away. theres something missing.

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