Céard É An Scéal?


This afternoon.

The just-published ‘Céard é an Scéal?’ is a series of research reports that “investigates public opinions towards the Irish language across the country’ organised by Conradh Na Gaeilge.

Highlights of the Kantar Millward Brown’s survey findings include:

53% in the south and 40% in the north agreed that there should be support available to help raise children through Irish

54% in the south and 36% in the north agreed Gaeltacht scholarships for adults should be made available

17% in the south and 5% in the north have requested services as Gaeilge from the state

64% in the south agreed that Irish should remain a core subject in the Leaving Certificate (only 14% disagreed)


Full report here

Conradh Na Gaeilge

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4 thoughts on “Céard É An Scéal?

  1. brughahaha

    Isnt it amazing how commissioned polls always find the views of those commissioning the poll to coincidentally , always be the views of the public …Never recall a poll where the results disagreed with those commissioning it ..what are the odds eh?

    BTW Love to know the geographic spread of the samples …17% sought services from the state “as gaeilge” ….where ? …Spiddal?

    1. Cú Chulainn

      No chance of Gaelic in Spiddal unless it’s collecting the grant. There is absolutely no way a majority of people on this island think Irish should be compulsory for the Leaving Cert. There isn’t even a majority among Irish speakers. CnaG, and the narrow minded ‘Gaelic’ killed the Irish language. That’s a fact, and until their gone there is no hope for the cupla focal ..

      1. Rob_G

        I’m not so sure; never underestimate Irish people’s fiercely-held beliefs on supporting the Irish language*

        *so long as they don’t have to put any effort into actually learning or speaking it themselves

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