This morning.

Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

A fake Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg outside Leinster House this morning calling on TDs to ‘Correct the Record’, part of a worldwide campaign disinformation on the social media giant.




In the Seanad.

Fine Gael TD Hildergarde Naughton (second pic above) is charing a hearing of the International Grand Committee of Fake News and Disinformation.

The committee will hear from a number of senior executives from Google, Facebook and Twitter and the Data Protection Commissioner.

Experts speaking to the committee this morning included (from top) Ben Nimmo, Senior Fellow for Information Defense at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab; Carole Cadwalladr, British author and investigative journalist; Roger McNamee, investor and author; and Karlin Lillington, columnist at The Irish Times.

The committee hearings can be watched live in link above.

Politicians from across the world meet in Dublin to quiz tech giants on ‘fake news’ (The Irish Times)

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10 thoughts on “Papier Mârk

  1. Tea And Brexits

    It’s now so embarrassing to work for Facebook in Dublin that employees are offering to pay for their lunch there.

  2. italia'90

    Ben Nimmo, Senior Fellow for Information Weaponisation to promote War at Nato’s the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab
    There, fixed the first part of this disinfrmation and propaganda assauIt to instaII censorship by the Neo-Cons

    1. f_lawless

      Not to mention that Carole Cadwalladr is a conspiracy theorist of the unhinged variety. Did some good initial journalism on the scandal of Facebook selling user data to Cambridge Analytica, but then went fully-blown Russophobe and bought into the liberal elite-driven simplistic narrative that social media ads are massive factors effecting the public’s vote. The evidence shows otherwise. It’s her own ego that’s allowing herself to be used as a tool by those who wish to restrict access to online independent journalism.

      According to ex- British ambassador, Craig Murray, “Hatred of Russia leads Cadwalladr into totally barking mad territory”

      1. :-Joe


        The Guardian is a pale shadow of it’s humble beginnings as a reliable source of journalism that represents speaking truth to and holding state power accountable.

        It is completely over-run with GSOC security services interests and practically operates as a state propaganda machine within it’s fake-liberalist outer shell.

        Just look at the full story of how they profited from the Wikileaks release of truth / THE BIGGEST SCOOP IN JOURNALISM IN 30 YEARS SINCE DANIEL ELSBERG AND THE PENTAGON PAPERS and now they act as if Julian Assange is some kind of rogue terrorist that they never liked or trusted and would quickly like to forget.

        Whatever you think about Assange is irrelevant. The legal case against him is against journalism and publishing itself and if convicted and buried in the bowels of the ‘murican gulag archipelego then living under China’s state controlled dystopia will be an aspiration not a fear.

        It’s a disgraceful act of betrayal to journalism itself, never seen before within our lifetimes.


    2. :-Joe

      + 100%…

      “The Atlantic Council” is key mechanism of ‘murica’s foreign policy of regime-change wars and more importantly, the disaster (fake)capitalism that creates chaos to feed wall street scumbags.

      It operates within the ‘murican military industrial complex and the corporate oligarchy as a political and security services(NSA/CIA/FBI) think-tank and above the layer of government and state power and control.

      It’s sole aim is to further and protect ‘murican foreign policy(financial, strategic geo-political power, control and hedgemony) accross the planet and wherever possible.

      Flag-waving intellectuals of the worst kind. Nasty, manipulative, corrupt traitors to the whole human race.

      It is a natural biological imperative consequence that good people have to exist because of these types of cretins. Forget about any concept of evil and other meaningless superstitious beliefs.


  3. Treasa

    Nothing will change, social media sites (yes, you, Broadsheet) thrive on rhetorical civil war. The latest Boomers vs Millennials affray has been manufactured to that end, it’s ALL fake news.

  4. baz

    what a bunch of wooly misinformed tossers

    and their grand title is freaking hilarious.

    this is censorship in the making

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