“The RTÉ Guide Makes Money”


Current edition of the RTÉ Guide

This morning.

Ronan Early, in the Times Ireland edition, reports that the 12 staff members of the RTÉ Guide have been told they cannot apply for voluntary redundancy because the magazine is being sold.

RTÉ staff were briefed by management yesterday at Studio Seven in the Montrose complex. Among many questions asked by staff, one concerned the RTÉ Guide staff and whether they could apply for voluntary redundancy.

The meeting was told that because the RTÉ Guide was being sold “as a package” staff could not apply for voluntary redundancy.

Sources told The Times this “caused surprise” because “the RTÉ Guide makes money”.

RTÉ boss defends job cuts amid redundancy questions (Ronan Early, Times Ireland edition)

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9 thoughts on ““The RTÉ Guide Makes Money”

  1. george

    If you’re selling something that is making money when your wider organisation does not then you are making your organisation less financially viable.

  2. Bort

    Just get rid of RTE, seriously, the gap will be filled by private enterprise….but but but we need impartial blah blah blah. I have no tv channels, I rarely if ever listen to the radio. I was happy to pay my license fee if i thought I was doing my bit for poor old biddy down the country who only has the few channels or who enjoys lyric FM. But even my 90 year old granny listens to podcasts and uses SKY to see what’s on the TV. None of the shows she watches are on RTE. Happy to keep it on but get rid of all the fat cats at the top. the average salary in the place is 70k, across the board. Do we need a national broadcaster? If we do we need something significantly scale down.

  3. Ben Redmond

    Irish society has been fed and has for the most part happily consumed national radio and television public broadcast media since the 1960s and before. National public service broadcasting PBS is heavily dependent on government, public licence and private advertising revenue. Much advertising revenue has dispersed to the competitive private media sector. The explosion of social media has rendered old business models out of date and continuing income for PBS will have to be generated in coming decades by radically innovative means.

    People may continue to buy and read the RTÉ Guide, but Irish society also needs a publication of perceptive mass media critique – I use that rather than the other word ‘criticism’. The BBC used to publish a well-edited periodical called The Listener, which invited lively thought-provoking articles on wider cultural matters pertaining to British society. I personally am indifferent to the fate of the RTÉ Guide, but would welcome the launch of a lively thought-provoking monthly magazine of Irish mass media critique.

    1. Pip

      Ah, The Listener, a big love of mine back in the day.
      The day being that long dreary one that was the 80s.

  4. Otis Blue

    If it’s being sold wouldn’t staff terms and conditions be protected by Transfer of Undertakings legislation?

    1. Cian

      Yes, TUPE would apply.

      But I’d guess that an RTE VR scheme would be a lot bigger than the VR that a new owner would offer.

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