Tonight, from 5pm until 9pm, and tomorrow night, from 11am until 5pm.

At the Copper House Gallery in Dublin 8.

The ‘Sheltered Charity Through The Arts’ exhibition, in aid of the Peter McVerry Trust, will be taking place, to wit:

“Our aim is to raise awareness and much needed funds to help combat adult homelessness and families in crisis in Ireland.

“The event is free and will bring together a collective of established and up-and-coming artists to showcase their work and auction pieces of art. We will also host an online auction.

“In addition to the art, there will be musicians, poets, spoken word and guest speakers over the two days, with an after party taking place at the Hendrick Hotel in Smithfield on the final night.”

Sheltered Charity Through The Arts

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4 thoughts on “Take Shelter

    1. Clampers Outside

      Symbolising ‘Inclusivity’, most likely.

      Why? I’d suggest the reason being that because a single male doesn’t reflect the progressive choice for the face of homelessness anymore regardless of their perennial dominance in the numbers of rough sleepers since… like, forever….

      Truth be told.

    2. Cú Chulainn

      As exploitive pics go, I like this one. Coffee and cream. Two girls, I’m sure of it. They won’t be homeless for long.

  1. Rob_G

    I mean, it’s nice what they are doing, but how much more ‘awareness raising’ does the homeless crisis need – is there really anyone in the state that hasn’t heard about it yet?

    I’m not really sure that crisis is caused by a lack of homeless charities, so not sure what creating a new one will achieve; the fact that the GoFundMe thing has only raised €200 so far maybe goes to show the fractured nature of the response to the homeless crisis – too many organisations working in silos towards the same end, instead of pooling their resources and working together more effectively.

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