Meanwhile, In Roscommon


This afternoon.

Falsk, Strokestown, County Roscommon

The scene of a forced, violent eviction last December of the McGann family – two elderly brothers and sister – and the repossession of a farmhouse by security guards working on behalf of US vulture Cabot, which purchased the loan from KBC Bank.

Via RTÉ:

More than a dozen people have gathered inside the gates of a house in Co Roscommon in support of a family at the centre of a repossession row.

The McGann family had been given until midday to vacate the house at Falsk near Strokestown.

The house has been at the centre of a long running legal battle between the family and KBC bank.


People gather in support of McGann family at Falsk in Co Roscommon (Shannonside)

Supporters inside Roscommon property at centre of repossession row (RTÉ)

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Pic: ShannonsideFM

16 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Roscommon

  1. Rob_G

    They’re still in that house??

    What a fuppin joke, I feel like a plank now for paying my mortgage when they have been living there without making a payment since ’04 – turf them out on their ear. If a buyer can’t be found, the bank should bulldoze the house into the ground as a matter of principle.

    1. Otis Blue

      “Never live like Roscommon people
      Never do what Roscommon people do
      Never fail like Roscommon people
      Never watch your life slide out of view
      And then dance and drink and screw
      Because there’s nothing else to do”

  2. Jake38

    This is one of the reasons you are paying a higher interest rate on your mortgage in Ireland than in other EU countries. Enjoy.

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    Enough with the “elderly” bull. The older 2 are barely pension age and the other 2 are in their 50s. Neither qualifies as elderly and they’re just cheap scroungers thinking they’re entitled to a free house because of advice from con artists like the Common Law Information Centre (Freeman on the land bolleaux and all that)

    1. Cathal

      All is not black and white, debtor is carer for the others, Bank didn’t move until the mother died so she must have left the house to the son with the debts, if not the others have two-thirds of the house and couldn’t have any bank debt,if they have someone in KBC will be looking at some serious exploitation charges

  4. Lilly

    Oh for crying out loud, they’re not exactly living in the lap of luxury. They need a roof over their heads. Throw them out to go where? A hotel room?

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      All of us need a roof over our heads, and we pay for it. This shower aren’t paying and haven’t paid for a long, long time. There’s no point in them going to a hotel because they probably won’t pay for that either.

      1. Ron

        There’s a difference between can’t pay and won’t pay. It’s beyond your realm of comprehension Dosy Chainsaw.

  5. A Person

    Pay your debts. But we have no money? But you earned so much money that you could not pay a 6 figure sum in VAT. Oh, but it is okay, the taxpayer will pick that up. Those who pay taxes, Not us, poor us.

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