Anon writes:

This is THE day taxes are due if you file online and you currently cannot file online.

It’s been offline for a few hours…

25 minute wait on the ROS help phone lines….

Will Revenue extend the deadline? No information given on website?



All better.

3 thoughts on “Taxes Due?

  1. Carlos

    Revenue just tweeted “The 2018 Pay and File deadline has been extended until 6pm, 13 November 2019.”
    Fairplay to TD Brassil for also tweeting he’d raise the issue in the Dail

  2. A Person

    Massive surprise that those commentators on here are not giving out about the poor state of public services. The likes of Goo, man of fire, wron, joe. Oh, that’s right, they don’t have to file tax returns, or pay taxes. Leave that to someone else. They are too busy smuggling, torturing, peaceful protesting to actually contribute to society.

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