The Risen People


Rental Chart in today’s Irish Independent

This morning.

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It now costs €70 more to rent than it did last year, a rise of 5.2pc. Over a year, the additional cost works out at €840.

Rents have risen so much that they are now €373 a month higher than the previous peak they hit during the property bubble in 2008, according to the latest rental report.

Dublin rents are up almost 4pc in the past year, with the average monthly cost in the capital now €2,044. This is €76 a month more expensive than the same period last year. This means it is costing a Dublin family €912 more a year for accommodation.

Revealed: Areas with highest rental hikes as country braced for ‘ten more years of rent misery’ (Charlie Weston,


Anne-Mare McNally, Social Democrats spokesperson on Consumer affairs, and Dublin MidWest by-election candidate, said:

The only solution is to put in place a mandatory country-wide rent freeze for at least two years until increase in supply drives prices down

“Berlin and other cities have recognised that pricing ordinary people and families out of renting is a disaster for a city, for its people and for the economy. Berlin has limited rental increases to the rate of inflation and set caps on maximum rents. We urgently need these kinds of protections here. It’s time that this Fine Gael Government prioritised the ‘locked out generation’ – those for whom even renting a home is now becoming a daily struggle, never mind owning one.”


52 thoughts on “The Risen People

  1. Jake38

    “The only solution is to put in place a mandatory country-wide rent freeze for at least two years until increase in supply drives prices down….”

    Won’t work. Will suppress construction.

      1. Rob_G

        How come landlords are leaving the market in record numbers, so?

        If there isn’t enough profit in housing, developers will just build hotels (a phenomenon which id bad enough as is, even at the current rental prices).

  2. Dr.Fart

    i know it’s all part of FG ideology. But why .. why do they want to make it so hard to live here? By helping landlords, developers etc., what do they get in return? what’s their motive for driving rents through the roof?

    1. Qwerty123

      You do realise the government doesn’t control everything right? The economy has improved, wages are rising, rents increase. there is 2 million people at work now compared to 1.3 at the last boom.

      They also have increased building standards that makes building way more expensive.

      Look at Cairn plc annual accounts, a large house builder, their margin is around 18%, down from 20% the same period last year.

      Rents are a victim of the success of the economy that can only be solved by building more supply.

        1. Qwerty123

          I know right? Not being able to understand an issue and realise it is not a binary solution. Go back to sleep pet, you’ll get your dole soon and start giving out about the “gubberment” for all you ails down the pub.

          1. Hank

            If you think the greed-fest fiasco that is the current state of the rental market only effects people on the dole, that speaks volumes about you.
            Are you a member of Young Fine Gael by any chance? You’d fit right in..

          2. Qwerty123

            Did I say that? nope, try harder next time. Very bad effort.

            Although, HAP and RAS schemes do create a floor on rents, especially in Dublin, but that is for another article.

          3. Janet, I ate my avatar

            fps Querty, not everyone renting is on the dole, young professionals who can’t get a mortgage or can’t save up the percentage because they are too busy spending half their flipping salery renting damp pooholes to be able to travel to work,
            you are punished for trying to do well in this country, taxed to footie so you can boil your water be squashed on a train, wait over a year for a shagging scan,
            country is run by a corrupt bunch of self serving jumped up money grabbing inbreeds

          4. italia'90

            If government policy means you have to rob Dr Fart, Hank and Janet
            to pay Qwerty and Cian
            then you can always depend on the support of Qwerty and Cian

          5. Rob_G

            I don’t know why everyone is having a go at Qwerty over the ‘dole’ remark; it seemed to me to be aimed squarely at Dr Fart, medicine woman, rather than renters.

          6. Dr.Fart

            I actually am on welfare and would love to have the opportunity to get in to work but I can’t. It makes it a lot harder when I know there’s the Qwertys and Rob_G’s in this world who automatically think you’re pond life for not being employed.

          7. Qwerty123

            No excuses not to work. Almost full employment. Easier to live off welfare in this country and the housing welfare benefits are killing people renting who don’t qualify for it.

            I don’t think you are pond life or any such thing, people need to be encouraged and rewarded to work, always said it here and everywhere. Currently that is not the case and there are huge poverty traps and disincentives to work in this country.

          8. Dr.Fart

            “Go back to sleep pet, you’ll get your dole soon” says very clearly to me that you look down on me for claiming welfare. you’ve used it as an insult, or to aid a deragatory remark. You tar everyone with the same brush. I’d love to work, I’d really really love to, but I can’t. And people like you don’t care, they hear welfare and strike you off as a sponger.

            also, welfare is a small amount off the exchequer, if we taxed the rich properly, and stopped all the loopholes, tax evasion, not collecting corporate tax, we’d be able to care for everyone in the country. welfare is not the problem. its a scapegoat used by the rich, they direct your ire to the worst off, so you don’t pay attention to how theyre the ones ripping us all off

          9. Qwerty123

            You do realise I have no idea who you are right? No idea you were on de scratcher.

            I made a presumptive comment based on your earlier comments, which I find people who are angry at the government and blame the government for everything are generally very reliant on the government.

            The rest of us get up and try our best.

          10. Dr.Fart

            well i can’t get up. so maybe think of that before using “the dole” “scratcher” etc. as a way to insult people. we aren’t all the kind of people you think we all are.

          11. Qwerty123

            Didn’t we have a conversation before where you were saying how you shoulder charge people on the footpath walking forward whilst looking at their phones?


            You could get up then.

            You can get up to go to restaurants in Camden street earlier this week.

            Good old t’internet.

            Faking a disability, a classy move Dr. Fart.. very classy.

        2. Dr.Fart

          yes but didnt we all learn something from this? except me. i don’t learn really. don’t like it. but surely for you, this has been like ghost one, of three to come.

      1. dav

        yes, the blushirts are not to blame, they really can’t do anything about any of this, they’re powerless really, feckless in a way as evidenced in their do nothing attitude. thanks for pointing that out

      2. Cian

        “Rents are a victim of the success of the economy that can only be solved by building more supply.”

        Another option is a good aul recession. When the next crash hits, and employment drops, then the house/rent prices will drop too.

      3. Ron

        Qwerty is a classic example of the daw jawed paddy that looks at headline figures and bases an entire opinion on the positive spin he is told by Government

        Here’s a clue qwerty: out of all those people who are now working. how many are on schemes like the FAS ones, how many are on minimum wage? How many of these are the working poor?

        Start there and start to educate yourself.

        1. Cian

          Will you tell us Ron?
          Out of all those people who are now working.
          1. how many are on schemes like the FAS ones,
          2. how many are on minimum wage?
          3. How many of these are the working poor?

          ’cause I’m guessing that you know the answers to these questions.

          Or am I wrong and you are “daw jawed” too ? Just swallowing negative spin from your ‘mates’ in the pub.

        2. Qwerty123

          @Ron – I am a bit uncomfortable Ron with the racial slurs you used there against me, in this day and age it is not on my man.

          Paddy is similar to knacker, paki the the rest to certain sections of Irish society, i would appreciate an apology and/or BS to moderate your post.

          1. Ron

            Paddy is similar to knacker you say. what an atrocious slur on the travelling community. Do you also take offense to Paddy English man Paddy Irish man and Paddy Scotsman jokes? Sit down clown lol

  3. some old queen

    The core problem is that demand is outstripping supply so prices keep going up and the reason demand keeps increasing is because more people keep arriving. Combine that with two major parties who are wedded to the free market ideology where profit is king- and what you get is a literal wealth transfer from renters to owners.

    The reason government are not doing anything about it is because their core base is doing very nicely out of it- so why should they?

    You don’t here so many ‘accidental’ landlords whining these days I notice- I wonder why?

    1. Cian

      What is your solution? For the two main parties to ban any more new jobs?

      The reason government are not doing anything about it
      Except for the rent-pressure-zones; except for NAMA building homes; except for HBFI providing credit for builders; except….

      1. some old queen

        For the two main parties to ban any more new jobs?

        They could do a LOT more to encourage companies to setup outside Dublin for a start.


        All whistling in the wind because one of two things has to happen- more supply or less demand- it really is that simple.

        But like most other things, the vested interests do not want change because while young people are getting crucified, their parent’s generation are creaming it in. And, let’s not forget that nearly 50% of all that rent goes to the state?

        1. Cian

          What could they do to encourage more jobs outside Dublin? The majority of TDs (and party members) are from outside Dublin so they all want more employment outside Dublin, and would support anything that provided that fully… you can’t blame the (main) parties not wanting non-Dublin jobs.

      2. V

        Knock it off with the day-to-day defensive tackles Cian

        Its insulting

        Fine Gael are the back-to-back party in Government
        This accommodation crisis is eight years or more in the making
        So entirely on their watch

        Mind you Labour did effin nothing about it either; that shower of self serving frauds had a chance to at least stand up for the contribution and potential any level of investment in Social Housing can make to the State, and they didn’t.

        And now we have FF just letting it pass them by as well, with their fingers crossed that nobody will blame them

        Enda Kenny rolled around like a pig in sh** telling us all how FG and His Government turned the Country around from the biggest crash in the history of the State. He gave himself multiple orgasms on Fianna Fáil’s decapitation and was never done blaming the Bank Bailout
        As if Fine Gael would have done anything different

        That gobsh**e and the gobshy**s around him were more interested in the moment, the press releases, the kicking FF while they’re down, and their non advertorials editorials telling us how they saved us from years of depression, than actually recognising they had no infrastructure to meet the projections and promises the whole cababble of Fine Gael were splashing around in

        Give over

        If there was any decency or truth in this Government’s endeavours to deliver housing they would have done it three budgets ago.
        HAP off ou’ that

        Announcing increased HAP allocations without telling us that Michael Noonan approved REIT Trusts are material beneficiaries is an attempt to deceive.
        So take your rent pressure zones and put them with your own pressure zone

        I don’t want to fall out with you Cian
        I really don’t – and I’ve always played along with the “Kennys” since the days

        The time for waylaying negative commentary – especially when it comes to our current accommodation crisis has passed
        And IMO seditious

        Housing, Healthcare, Schools falling apart while the NCH and Rural Broadband are tribunals waiting to happen
        And Fine Gael have had a lot of Tribunals to answer to – from their Watch
        *More than FF as it happens

        So please find the decency, or even the good manners to stfu

        *open to correction btw

        1. Cian

          Jeebuz V – you come across as a very angry person. A petulant child telling me to shut up? Broadsheet loves hyperbole, I try to add facts.

          Yes: FG have been in power for 8 years. No: they haven’t fixed every problem. Yes: they could have on things differently. Yes: they have failed on accommodation. Yes rural broadband is disaster waiting to happen – and I have repeatedly spoken against it on BS.

          But they are not solely to blame. Any policy can have unintended consequence, e.g. introduce a rent freeze => this can discourage investment in accommodation. increase employment => attract more people to live => accommodation stress.

          The accommodation crisis is 30+ years in the making. (and FG may be culpable for not changed some these policies)
          – the policy of selling off social housing to tenants
          – not building additional social housing, but offloading responsibility to housing associations.
          – reliance on HAP
          – the decision to not social-only estates, but to mix social/private housing
          – changing demographics. Up until late 1980s there was huge emigration of 20-40 year olds, that went abroad and rented there, then came home in their 40s to settle. Ireland never had 100,000s of twenty-to-thirty-five-year-olds looking to rent.
          – banning of bedsits, and the rise of minimum standards (and no enforcement)
          – immigration, lack of migration leading to the massive increase of the Dublin population
          – financial crisis and the enormous national debt
          – plus 100s of other things

          There is no simple answer to fixing it (there is an answer – build more houses – but doing isn’t simple).

        2. V

          No I’m not an angry person Cian

          I’m just sick of the noxious method of thwarting questions put to Fine Gael by demanding answers from anyone that questions them
          When its FG that are the ones that should be delivering the answers and solutions

          ie. yourself up there to SOQ
          What is your solution? For the two main parties to ban any more new jobs?
          Classic deflect; just like
          Jeebuz V – you come across as a very angry person. A petulant child telling me to shut up?

          At least the Kennys were funny, and made an effort to blend

          1. Cian

            You pick up on the one sentence in my post where I was responding to your post: “Knock it off with the day-to-day defensive tackles Cian” and “So please find the decency, or even the good manners to stfu” constitutes ‘deflection’.

            The other 200+ words I wrote… not worth a comment, eh?

          2. Qwerty123

            V, you told him to “stfu”, very bad form. You also didn’t address any of his points, all valid imo, but interesting to see why people disagree.

  4. Ron

    Social Democrats showed their true colours on the O Devaney Gardens issue. The party is allowing itself to be dominated by the egos of Gary Gannon et al. Such a disappointment and a vote for SD is a vote for the same old politics of the filth in FF and FG.

    They keep ignoring it and it’s going to vote them in the behind come election time. They are finished as a party before they even got out of the trap and it shows political inexperience and naivety on behalf of their political director to allow these personalities dominate the party.

    It makes no sense at all why they voted to support the transfer of land to filthy vulture funds.

  5. Janet, I ate my avatar

    I guess my rant won’t make it out of moderation, apologies for the language but the sentiment stands

  6. Dr.Fart

    you’ll always see plenty of Cian, Qwerty and Rob_G in the comments when the government need defending

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      Coincidence ? ;)
      Give out about The Catholic church and news will be by even tho never has anything to say about the inhumanity of humans on other posts…oh yeah I went there

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