Fine Gael TD Maria Bailey released the statement above after her party’s National Executive Council announced earlier that it was deselecting her as a candidate for Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown in the next general election.

Maria Bailey deselected as Fine Gael election candidate (RTÉ)

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37 thoughts on “Font Farewell

  1. V

    What a cry baby

    Terrible letter writer too
    Real teacher’s pet head girl tone about it

    I doubt she’ll be signing on tho’

    1. Peter

      Pet head girl is exactly what the big parties want.
      In the future 50 per cent of FG/FF TDs will look and sound like Maria Bailey.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    But what a terribly punctuated and presented letter.
    Tomorrow’s cocktails for me is a Baileys sans Comic on the Rocks followed by a Singapore Swing.

  3. shortforbob

    Hasn’t learned, still making excuses, not owning up to bad judgement. But enough about Fianna Fail continuing with Michael Martin.

  4. Peter

    Pet head girl is exactly what the big parties want.
    In the future 50 per cent of FG/FF TDs will look and sound like Maria Bailey.

  5. diddy

    Farrell I’m pretty sure will be decapitated at the next election by the good people of swords.

    that just leaves madigan. she may slither her way out of this yet!

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Interesting that the two politicians who topped the league in ‘overstated ‘ expenses were Farrell and Bailey.

  6. some old queen

    Just when they were ramping up their ‘blame the little man’ spin about compo claims jacking up insurance premiums- along come two pints Maria falling off a toy swing- EXCATLY the sort of thing they were trying to punch down with.

  7. V

    Before this thread travels further
    Just want to say

    Savage header Bodger
    Definitely one for the 2019 shortlist

    1. Spud

      Amazed, and also delighted, to see so many people have latched onto this.
      This clearly didn’t make it past the Spin Unit…
      Or maybe it did intentionally?

  8. Paulus

    Hopefully she’s now Dundrumming up support for her cause, accept that she’s been given the Booterstown and just Stepaside.

  9. Just Sayin

    Could the Comic Sans have been a deliberate ploy, so that the twitterers would take the piss out of that, rather than mentioning her attempted insurance fraud again.

    Here’s the font she should have used
    (not taking credit, found on the twitter thread)

  10. Catherine costelloe

    Was she dragged along to the Dail chambers yesterday to vote with FG in a miserable failed attempt to stop a public enquiry into Shane o Farrell? A shower of two faced ghouls that heap abuse and further misery on law abiding Lucia & Jim O Farrell —- hypocrisy at its best from FG.

  11. Tea And Brexits

    Maria Bailey showed very poor judgement indeed and paid a heavy price. But if anyone thinks this is about FG being honest and wanting to deal with #CompoCulture you need to sanitycheck how you think local politics work. It’s more to do with some numpties losing seats and others wanting a seat at the trough.

    Suddenly the world is full of Windows 95 era font experts making the life of a woman, wife, and mother even more hellish that she deserves.

    Meanwwhile, the focus moves off real issues.

    DLR has three FG TDs. No constituency needs 3 FG TDs. No constituency needs 1 FG TD, so copy yourselves on about what’s important.

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