Public Accounts Committee chairman Seán Fleming

This morning.

At the beginning of the weekly Public Accounts Committee meeting.

Chairman Seán Fleming referred to figures that the PAC received from the National Transport Authority – after they were “shocked” to discover last week that the “majority of the staff” in the NTA are outsourced contracts.

Mr Fleming said: “We never met a State organisation before where the majority of the day-to-day staff are not direct employees.”

He said the 10-year-old organisation has 118 direct employees and 148 people sourced through agencies.

Mr Fleming explained that, after learning that last week, they sought a breakdown from the NTA in regards to pay and other matters.

He said the cost of employing the 118 direct employees is €8.7million and that of the 148 outsourced workers is €21.6million.

Mr Fleming further said this works out at an average of €73,728 per employee and €139,189 per outsourced worker.

Meanwhile, Social Democrats TD Catherine Murphy asked that the committee write to the NTA to find out, among other matters, where the money from advertising on bus shelters goes.

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9 thoughts on “How Much?

  1. Cian

    They do quite a lot: (see and were set up just at the crash – 2009.

    At a guess they will come back saying that have so many contractors because:
    (1) they were given a load of responsibility but weren’t allowed to get full-time staff during the crash; and/or
    (2) they are doing lots of different types of work and hire in experts.

    it does seem wrong.

    Mr Fleming further said this works out at an average of €73,728 per employee and €139,189 per outsourced worker.
    This isn’t a fair comparison as the employees are creating pension liabilities for the state (not included in this comparison) that the outsourced workers aren’t.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Which employment agency gets this gig? Because the outsourced employees themselves ain’t getting that kind of money. Would that agency also be the agency of choice for (for example) outsourced healthcare workers?

    1. phil

      You mean the agency who’s owner was on the board of the HSE around the time they became the prefered provider to the HSE ?

      1. some old queen

        Well is the average is around €500 a day, some are lower- meaning contractors but some are higher- meaning consultants. Interestingly the word has been omitted.

        1. Cian

          A contractor literally is someone in on a contract.
          Generally a consultant is a contractor, but a contractor isn’t necessarily a consultant.

          Personally if I see “consultant” I assume a short-term contact (days/weeks) for a specialised job and is well paid. A “contractor” is someone that is doing an ‘ordinary’ job longer term (months/years).

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