Smell The Greed


Studio apartment.

€1,150 Per month

Victoria Street, Portobello, Dublin 8 (Daft)

Studio apartment.

€1,200 Per month

Hatch Street Lower, Dublin 2 (Daft)

Carlosfandango writes:

Seeing this a lot on Daft now. Yes, it’s a bed in a kitchen..You can cook the bacon before you get up. No, they are not bedside lockers. This. Is. Your. Life.

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47 thoughts on “Smell The Greed

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      yeah but the rent was low right, I had a place like that, it was 6o quid a week, I earned an average of 80 an evening so you know I could still have a life

      1. Qwerty123

        Mine was more like a 100 from memory, wasnt on that type of cash either, had to walk upstairs to shower and loo.

        Fun times, enjoyed it but an absolute kip in hindsight.

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          ah mine was mostly tips tbh,
          yeah you look back with rose tinted for sure, I moved out at 17, the freedom, the pals calling round, you couldn’t swing a cat but it was mine,I feel so sorry for people over 21 stuck at home, and I have seen first hand what not hitting those milestones can do to maturity levels

          1. Qwerty123

            +1 Janet, same boat, didn’t care once, left at 19. I remember it was the days of the herald, viewing was at 5 I was there at 2!! People were queuing from 2.30, all the way down Frankfort avenue, things haven’t changed much unfortunately

          2. some old queen

            Right now, if the choice is between living at home or shelling out half your wages on a kip- unless there is serious family issues- I would choose to live at home myself.

            It is not ideal but let’s not forget that mst of the good jobs are in Dublin which is a hell of a lot better than commuting for four hours a day while trying to save.

          3. Janet, I ate my avatar

            it seems the most reasonable option, it’s just a pity that it is the state of affairs,
            I did some time with the oldies when I first came back, amazing as they are it’s not good for the head, you are always their CHILD no matter how old you are and that can cause friction,
            most of my pals that save at home or were at home say when a house is getting refurbished admit to reverting to the role you used to have in the dynamic, answering back etc, saying things like ” I KNOW Mum”
            it’s sounds funny but it’s crap for everyone,
            I also know 21 year olds and up still at home and they are a nightmare, no ownership, still acting like teenagers, do feck all to contribute

          4. some old queen

            Agreed Janet- you have to put a part of your life on hold BUT- as someone actively in the job market right now, near all of the opportunities are in Dublin.

            There are a lot worse things than living with your parents in Dublin and I find it hard to sympathise when others have a daily long distance experience of Iarnród Éireann’s [b][I] quality [I][b] service.

      2. Cian

        Wowsers, when was that Janet?
        80/day * 5 days/week * 48 weeks would be an annual #19,200
        Your annual rent was #3,120

        When were you earning 19K and only paying 3K rent?

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          I was on Gardiner St, I got a basic wage in a pub 6pm till close and I averaged out the tips, I worked 6 nights a week, weekends were better tips but tips were good, late 90’s,
          now it was a hallway done up to be a flat, single bed room only but I was free as a bird

          1. Cian

            first: “ I had a place like that, it was 6o quid a week,

            then later “it was a hallway done up to be a flat

            Wait, are you comparing like-with-like then?

            Did your flat have a window? cooking facilities? your own en-suite? washing and drying? Was it decorated like the pictures here? Was it warm?

          2. Janet, I ate my avatar

            my point Cian was to qwerty..flat like that as in 50pence in the meter,
            I ran my own real estate company in Paris for a long time and I’d never ask that kind of money for a jumped up badly appointed hotel room, in Dublin en plus !
            A lick of paint and a generic picture does not hide the fact this is a rip off,
            my little hall in Gardiner street was better value, a starter flat,affordable freedom at a young age, this box does not tick that boxes

          3. Janet, I ate my avatar

            us those luxury facilities such as a window you mention ought to be the basics, your own bathroom…wow,
            let them eat cake is what I’m hearing Cian

          4. Cian

            I’m sorry, I thought you were saying that you rented a place like the original post – not one that had a 50p meter.

            I didn’t intend to suggest that a window is a luxury, but asking if your hallway-conversion-flat had one – perhaps that is why it was such good value. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

          5. Janet, I ate my avatar

            no probs I should have said @Qwerty
            so it had 3 windows, all with bars on, a fire escape, kitchen facilities, no washing machine, a telly ! room for my bike and a shower and toilet room, all with that only found in Ireland carpet and classy furniture that seems to be made of corduroy and mashed vegetables :)

          6. Janet, I ate my avatar

            it wasn’t damp or dirty, bit dark and small but any art student worth their salt can brighten that up ;)

          7. some old queen

            Well the difference I found between Belfast and Dublin was that in Belfast, people moved in and got the paint brush out- In Dublin that would lose your deposit on the spot.

  1. dhod

    the bed blocks the door to the loo in the Portobello apartment. Suppose that would be fairly low down on the snag list here

  2. Dr.Fart

    “cozy studio apartment” of course. i always wonder, if the estate agent is embarassed showing people around these places? it would be very hard not to be. “and here we have the master bed .. thats it. master bed. em. oh and of course, a fridge.” *opens and closes fridge door like a QVC host*

  3. Janet, I ate my avatar

    you are just meant to be grateful it’s not the damp filthy hell holes estate agents here seem to have no shame proposing

    1. some old queen

      I happily lived in a basement on NCR for years- meaning very low ceilings. Then a wan from Donegal moved in above- attitude central- she lifted the carpet and painted the floor boards and then- had her antique spring bed installed- I am sure it looked gorgeous.

      Her flat footed boyfriend was roughly 17 stone- from Limerick- and a member of An Garda Síochána- also a Bruce Springsteen fan- over and friggen over again.

      So after one weekend I accidentally ran into him and said enough is enough- I was sure the ceiling was going to give way- turns out he was in Limerick that weekend.

      Swiftly moved on.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      This clip makes me ask a few questions
      1. Is it legal here for either an agent or owner to enter your home without permission ?
      2. Are these guys paying rent ?
      3. Do most agents here look like thugs ?
      4. Don’t you have a rental contract ?

      1. Cian

        #1 No.(unless it is an emergency, like the pipes have burst)
        “If the landlord needs to enter the property (for example for an inspection or to carry out repair) the tenant’s consent is required to access the dwelling, and the landlord should give them reasonable notice.

        However, if the tenant continually refuses access to the property, they are in breach of their responsibilities. “

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          thanks, the laws seem bit different here, I wouldn’t fancy staying in the same metier’s here, I used to love seeing the smiles on people’s face when they moved in, it used to feel good to help people find a home, not sure I’d get the same satisfaction in this market

    1. V

      But shur we all had those gaffs

      But we never handed over more an a fifth of our take home in fairness
      and we were never under the pressure for hair nails makeup change of clothing every day etc people have assumed now

      Back when I started off in Dublin -1990
      All you needed was a job to have the time of your life
      Week in Week out
      We had our pick of flats and pubs and clubs and venues everynight of the week were thriving
      Probably because we’d no tellies or internet or phones

      But shur, none of that is why Dublin has gone to sh1t for anyone trying to get a start

  4. Plastic Bertrand

    Luxury! In my day we had to share the washing machine. In shifts. And pay the landlord extra is we wanted soap powder to wash with. But tell that to young people today…

    Incidentally, speaking of spin – why am I seeing ads appearing in the BS comments section now?

    Because Google puts them there.

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