12 thoughts on “That’ll Do

  1. Paulus

    Not so sure; I think the License to Park Anywhere expires when the car passes the 10 y/o mark.
    (That’s how it is for S-Class mercs anyway).

  2. Andrew

    Imagine stopping and taking the time to take a photo of this. They’re on a double yellow, they’ll get clamped.
    Move on

    1. The Dude

      Imagine stopping and taking the time to make a comment on this.

      It was on a double yellow, sticking out from the kerb, and in the middle of a busy street – but was not clamped.

  3. H

    In the UK you could send that photo to the council and they would issue a fine and if your dash cam caught someone breaking the law on the road you can give the footage to the police and they would prosecute

    1. freddy8toes

      I really wish they would bring this in here. I also wish they would fit all Dublin Busses with dash cams and keep bus lanes clear.

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