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Trinity College Dublin’s history department is hosting its HistoryCon conference and this year’s theme is ‘humanising history’.

To wit:

The Trinity HistoryCon conference, now in its second year, provides an opportunity for members of the public, entertainment professionals, academics, and cosplayers to explore the influences of film, television, comics, music, and other forms of popular media, on how we imagine our past and present worlds.

Popular media such as Game of Thrones, X-Men, Star Wars, and The Avengers have captivated audiences and opened new lines of enquiry across the arts and humanities.

Each of these outlets has succeeded in large part due to their ability to contextualise and elucidate the experience of the individual in extraordinary circumstances. Trinity HistoryCon – the amalgam of an academic conference and comic-con – celebrates the nexus of popular media and the study of history.

The conference provides a stimulating and exemplary opportunity for engagement between academic research and popular culture and media.

Full details here

Pics: Trinity Long Room Hub

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One thought on “Con As You Are

  1. Hank

    Speaking of humanising history, just finished watching The Six Wives of Henry VIII on BBC4.
    It was very good.

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