An utterly insane, bollard-dodging, pedestrian-endangering police motorcycle pursuit of one extremely slippery scooter rider through the streets of (we’re guessing) Paris.

For optimum effect, go full screen and tilt forward into the screen clutching a pair of makeshift pencil handlebars.


39 thoughts on “Poursuite

  1. italia'90

    To put so many lives at risk in hot pursuit, in a busy urban area and especially on the pavement was reckless imo

        1. Cian

          I’m sorry, I missed your point. You think it was reckless.

          Do you have an opinion on if they should continue to chase criminals if to do so would be reckless?

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            they are a law onto themselves that shower, they have no probs beating up civilians either

          2. sean

            Cian mate if you don’t see any issue with the police riding in this video you’re pretty ignorant. Bombing through red lights at a 100km/h, cutting perpendicularly across moving traffic, speeding past doorways on open footpaths it’s only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt at which point you have to ask is it really worth it. Maybe I’m wrong and the guy they are chasing is a mass murderer and putting a few lives at risk is a sacrifice to protect the majority but I somehow don’t think that’s the case.

        1. italia'90

          He could easily have killed himself like that young Garda did on the N11 at Fosters Avenue junction a few years ago whlie giving chase?

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