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An utterly insane, bollard-dodging, pedestrian-endangering police motorcycle pursuit of one extremely slippery scooter rider through the streets of (we’re guessing) Paris.

For optimum effect, go full screen and tilt forward into the screen clutching a pair of makeshift pencil handlebars.


Earlier today.

At Carrigaline Court Hotel – where final submissions are taking place on day 11 of the oral hearing into the €160million proposed incinerator for Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork.


Concerns raised over ash disposal at planned Cork incinerator (Irish Times, Barry Roche)


Legendary cult-classic short film C’etait Un Rendez-Vous, shot in 1976 and featuring a high-speed, hilariously illegal thrill-ride through the streets of Paris in a Mercedes with a camera strapped to the side.

The (obviously) anonymous driver did not – and this is crucial – did not use the brakes once: ignoring stop-signs, red lights and, presumably, Satan – squatting on the bonnet, grinning back at him.

Full-screen. Volume up.