No Room At The Inn



Homeless campaigner Sister Stanislaus Kennedy ‘Sr Stan’ made an urgent appeal for donations as she launched Focus Ireland’s Christmas appeal (with the charity’s youngest supporter, 3-week old Amélie Conney, and mother Aoife who works for the charity).

Over 140 babies were born into homelessness in the nearly 600 families supported by the charity in Dublin alone.

Focus Ireland

Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

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7 thoughts on “No Room At The Inn

  1. Shane Duffy

    If only there was some form of contraception that people caught in the housing crisis could take to prevent getting pregnant.

      1. paul

        I’m sort of torn on it. My wife and I waited until we had a roof over our heads before we thought about having any kids, that was a big decision for us and we made it based on what we thought was best for a child. But that was us, our circumstances, our decision. We can’t push our feelings onto others even if I think that having children in unfortunate circumstances isn’t prudent.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    The greatest gift you can give a child this christmas is as home.
    The greatest gift you can give an oligarch this christmas is a €4bn broadband contract

  3. Christopher

    Well if it helps the parents moved up the housing list I’m sure it’s a price that the child (and the tax payers who didnt have kids until they had the means to support them) will feel is worth paying. And everyone who disagrees with me is a “blueshirt”!!

  4. postmanpat

    There’s Homeless and “Homeless” I know a girl who had a baby with her boyfriend and is currently living with him in his parents house. She is on the “homeless” list. Word on the street is you get a “single” mother house placement quicker that way. You know, the place where the boyfriend parks his car a few streets over (outside your house and mine) when staying over 5 to 7 nights a week to start on baby number 2 and 3.

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