I’d Like To Remind Them, I Can Be Helpful In Rounding Up Others To Toil In Their Underground Sugar Caves


Good times.

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PSC Card on Broadsheet.

6 thoughts on “I’d Like To Remind Them, I Can Be Helpful In Rounding Up Others To Toil In Their Underground Sugar Caves

  1. $hifty

    Hi, I’ve been sacked and/or am in need of help with paying my rent. Can you help, please?
    Certainly, sir, but to prove that 1) you are who you say you are and 2) you’re entitled to this assistance, can you please show me your PSC?
    No, how dare you, this is in breach of GDPR and my human rights !

    1. Dr.Fart

      – ok. then have you got a passport or garda ID?
      – yes. here.
      – ok great. that’s definetely you anyway. just one thing. you see, the card was made mandatory because we want to collect everyones data and then sell it to a direct marketing company owned by REDACTED.
      – oh wow, so you guys cant even say his name?
      – no. no one can say his name. he is the one who sues.

  2. $hifty

    – No, I’m afraid I don’t have a passport (never left the country) and the Garda Age card is not fit for that purpose, as I’m sure you well know. It even explicitly states on the website “An Age Card is a “proof of age card” and not an “Identity Card”. The Age Card is solely for the purpose stated above and should not be obtained or used for any other purpose.” I also don’t drive, in case you’re thinking about a driver’s licence.

    So, bearing all that in mind……how else do you expect me to prove my identity? Maybe by applying for the card that was designed to be a one-for-all type scenario?

    Also, this is the first I’ve heard about selling the data to DOB…..is there any proof of this?

    1. Dr.Fart

      the company who make the systems to store all the data are a company of his. this exact same company are a company who sell data to direct marketing agencies. its clear what will go down there. it’s like asking a drug addict to mind your heroin for for you.

  3. Barry the Hatchet

    The government is flagrantly breaking the law. I’m not bothered. What’s the big deal?

    Jesus wept. The quality of political commentary in this country is truly depressing.

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