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Good times.

Previously:: “The PSC Targets Those Who Can Least Afford To Fight It”

PSC Card on Broadsheet.


‘It has terrified first-time buyers, they are absolutely panicking. Our offices are being besieged by them. They think that if they don’t buy right now, they will never be able to.” The speaker is Keith Lowe, chief executive of one of the country’s biggest estate agents, DNG. The subject is the new mortgage-lending limits proposed by the Central Bank this week – proposals which many property experts are describing as one of the Central Bank’s worst-ever mistakes.

First-time buyer? Maybe it’s time to start panicking (Sarah McCabe, Sunday Independent)

What Goes Up writes:

“This article (above) is surely a sign that it’s time for First Time Buyers to crack each other’s heads open and feast on the goo inside…”