Meanwhile, In Rosslare


The Stena Horizon at Rosslare Europort last night

This morning.

Rosslare Europort, County Wexford.

Via RTÉ:

The 16 men found in a container on board a Cherbourg to Rosslare ferry yesterday morning are understood to be of Kurdish origin.

The men – who are all believed to be aged between 20 and 40 – have been transferred to an immigration reception centre in Dublin, where they are being given accommodation and food.

Most, if not all, of them are expected to claim asylum in Ireland and were processed under immigration legislation by gardaí and members of the National Immigration Bureau.

Men found in ferry truck believed to be of Kurdish origin (RTÉ)

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23 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Rosslare

  1. missred

    Kurdish origin, well we all know what’s happening to their people at the moment. Hopefully they’ll be allowed stay. There’s a sizeable community of Kurds here too for support

      1. missred

        They weren’t starting their journey in France, it was one step along the way. The RTE report says they were on the move for 20 days before getting to Cherbourg.

        1. Rob_G

          France is a safe country; why didn’t they apply for asylum there?

          For the record, I think Ireland should be obliged to accept more asylum seekers to take the burden off of Italy and Greece a bit, but I don’t think that anyone brave or foolhardy enough to lock themselves in the back of a truck in another EU member state should be rewarded on with for their reckless actions on their arrival.

          1. Rob_G

            That could be the case, but ‘migrants’ does not have the same legal definition as ‘asylum seekers’ – if you apply for asylum in France, you will be provided with food and shelter while your claim is processed.

            All of the people living in camps in Calais, for example, were living there because they preferred to try to enter England rather than apply for asylum in France and be given proper lodgings.

          2. Janet, I ate my avatar

            source _ : Ministry of Interior, Circular NOR: INTV1900071J, 31 December 2018:

            In 2018, the number of asylum seekers accommodated remained far below the number of persons registering an application. Whereas 128 890 first-time applicants registered in Prefectures , only 56,399 persons were placed in accommodation in the course of the year. This number reflects severe and persisting shortages in reception capacity, with only 44% of asylum seekers registered by Prefectures in 2018 effectively obtaining accommodation.

          3. Janet, I ate my avatar

            plus “safe” when dealing with French cops is not the words I’d use, happily batter their own citizens , never mind immigrants

          1. Bud Flanagan

            Except when it comes to Irish illegal immigrants in the USA when successive Irish governments try to negotiate an amnesty with whatever administration is in power in the States instead of telling its citizens to stop breaking the law over there.

          2. Rob_G

            Well, it’s the government’s job to make representations on behalf of their citizens, even if their problems are of their own creation, as in this instance.

            But indeed, I would have very little sympathy for any Irish citizen living illegally in the states.

    1. some old queen

      missred- If a family arrives from a war zone that has a certain credibility but these are all Kurdish MEN between the ages of 20 and 40. Men with elderly parents, sisters, wives and children and yet- they left them all behind?

      Something does not add up.

      1. missred

        I don’t know, SOQ, it hasn’t been revealed yet, so there are not enough details to add up to anything. I’m not inclined to think something is suspect just because they were all men in the trailer though, it doesn’t strike me as being less credible than a family

        1. some old queen

          I ask because it is a pattern right across the asylum seeking demographic- if they are fleeing persecution- why just them and not the whole family?

          1. missred

            It is not unusual for groups to send the men first. They then send for the women and children later. It’s not a reason to doubt their need to escape

          2. some old queen

            Nope don’t buy that- not if their lives are in danger- economic migrants on the other hand, do it all the time.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Known in Rosslare. And not one that would be involved in this kind of effort. Load rumoured to be medical goods which now have a high possibility of being rejected thus a massive insurance claim. If the goods were temperature controlled (a lot of pharna are actually travelling at 12 to 25 degrees ) the heat sensors may not pick up the body heat.
      These visitors could have got on at any point in France. At service stations / overnight parking. Not necessarily Cherbourg.

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