Jumpers For Goalposts


Daniel Lambert writes:

The gulf in funding between football and GAA is astonishing given more people play football.

The parochial organisational structure of the GAA makes it a far more potent force in leveraging politicians at all levels as opposed to the fragmented football structures.

Hon Mayo!


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29 thoughts on “Jumpers For Goalposts

  1. Panty Christ

    Rte subscribe to an idea that the sport you participate in is due to your socio economic background. Now that’s classist.

    1. Robert

      sorry what is it exactly that you’re moaning about? That more wealthy people play Rugby, Tennis and Golf? Or the observation of that fairly self-evident fact?

    1. Ted

      In Ireland its called football not soccer, so if you call it the latter then you may want to stop trying to be an American.

  2. Rob_G

    “The gulf in funding between football and GAA is astonishing given more people play football.”

    – citation needed on that one.

    Maybe government don’t want to give money to the FAI because they know that such a large proportion of the money would go on executive salaries, instead of development officers and facilities, etc.

    1. Harry

      What would be relevant is how many people belong to soccer clubs and how many belong to gaa clubs.

      More people “playing” football can include your Monday night astro players

        1. Rob_G

          That’s true. I imagine that there are many members of soccer clubs who no longer play who are also represented in the numbers.

  3. Clampers Outside

    It’s a very topline analysis that surely would require more questions, such as, off the top of my head…. What are the participation costs for individuals in these sports? What are the costs of recruitment of individuals to these different sports? What are the social benefits of being in one sport v another?… and so on… more info required, but a fair starting point has been made, but that said, it is only a starting point with far more questions unanswered to come to any real conclusions, surely.

  4. V

    We could go on about the Soccer crowd and their failure to develop a Club Structure like the GAA
    and that 5k a club is hardly a gulf given a soccer club is more than likely to be sharing a council pitch with their players getting changed on the side of the road, under publicly provided street lighting

    but since 2020 is upon us – who are more likely to be coming back with medals
    the Golfers, the Tennis Players or the Boxers?

    1. george

      ” a soccer club is more than likely to be sharing a council pitch with their players getting changed on the side of the road, under publicly provided street lighting” eh that’s a reason to provide money not deny it.

      1. V

        Well its going to take all that money up there
        and all the money dished out over the last 20 years
        and an advance on the next 20 years
        at least
        for the FAI crowd to develop the club infrastructure and County facilities the GAA did before its own Centenary in 1984 in time for their own

      1. Steph Pinker

        There are different types of football, Ted; the preserve of the title ‘Football’ isn’t reserved to one alone, hence, Soccer/ Association Football, as well as Rugby Football, Gaelic Football, American Football – they’re just the ones I can think of in English which all use a ball – and feet – sometimes other parts of the body can be used also, as long as it’s legal and within the rules.

        1. Steph Pinker

          … ahem. That comment shouldn’t be misinterpreted and read as pervy as it actually reads, apologies.

    1. Termagant

      Yer man on the rádio yesterday said no golf club that charged more than a grand a year in fees was eligible

  5. Dr.Fart

    shane ross is as sketchy as they come. sure remember the funding he gave to private schools and fupping yacht clubs? he’s all about sorting out his toff pals he’s been trying to impress for years. useless lightbulb headed nonce.

  6. wearnicehats

    I don’t usually bother to comment on Broadsheet anymore but my computer is rigged to set off alarms all over the house when someone raises the “statistics” card. Especially when it’s lazy just to fit on a tweet

    For example – never, never, never pay any attention to anyone using averages. Median values are the only thing to look at and even they can be misleading

    Anyway. from a glimpse at the available info, 2 rugby clubs shared €300k between them. So the remaining 33 got €33k each on AvEragE. You will expect the Median to be even lower

    If you look at the grant list and use ctrlF for “golf Club” you will find 66 occurrences. Assuming those are 66 different clubs that drops his -oh God help me- “average” to €36k. Golf clubs do charge high membership fees but they also have massive overheads. Golf is also worth c. €270million to the tourist industry

    Lazy click bait

    1. V

      and how much does Golf cost in tax breaks and special rates?
      Capital allowances, NAMA write offs and whatever relief going is available from Local Development / Rural Regeneration/ Section SaveTheSnails ?

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