Strangely Prawn


This afternoon.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland has published an ‘allergy alert notification’ about a batch of Centra Salmon Sensation (above).

To wit:

“The implicated batch of Centra Salmon Sensation was mis-packed with Centra Prawn Cocktail.

The product contains prawns (crustaceans) and sodium metabisulphite (sulphur dioxide) which are not mentioned on the label.

This may make the batch unsafe for consumers who are allergic to or intolerant of crustaceans and/or sulphur dioxide.”


Undeclared Prawns and Sulphur Dioxide in a Batch of Centra Salmon Sensation (FSAI)

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7 thoughts on “Strangely Prawn

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Thankfully I do not eat seafood so I am safe in this instance.

    I have this view that humans evolved above the waterline, and so should only eat foods from above the waterline. As a result I have a problem with Dutch beef…

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