It’s Only Money [Updated]


This afternoon.

St. Kevin’s College, Crumlin, Dublin.

President Michael D. Higgins (top and above right) with singer Brush Shiels (above) and, pic 2 from left, sisters Sarah and Cathleen Lynott, daughters of Phil Lynott, in the library which bears his name at his former school for the launch of the Central Bank’s new Phil Lynott Commemorative Coin.

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews


This morning.

The Central Bank of Ireland has launched a €15 silver commemorative coin to mark 70 years since the year of birth of Phil Lynott.

The coin will be officially launched by President Michael D. Higgins at St. Kevin’s College, Crumlin, Dublin – Phil’s former school – today.

Any excuse

Central Bank via Rollingnews

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19 thoughts on “It’s Only Money [Updated]

    1. curmudgeon

      Maybe google it and find out. Your in every thread asking questions you’re too lazy to find out the answers too. Basically the laziest type of commenter.

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    I love Philo’s talent and musical legacy – but as a heavy drug-taker is it really fitting that he is honoured on a national coin? I’ve often brought up a similar argument on why George Best Airport was named after a drunk and a womaniser, so quite prepared for backlash.

    1. Conksi

      People, I’ve noticed, are complicated. Great footballers dont necessarily mean they’re great at relationships or astral physics, doesn’t mean they’re not either.
      Just because of a great musician’s talents, doesn’t mean I’m going to use his BBQ recipes or perhaps his attitude to narcotics. Hero worship needs a clarification, to focus on talents, success or great hickory sauve

    2. postmanpat

      There’s a music tent still named after John Peele in Glastonbury. And he’s a scumbag! Phil’s drug use doesn’t seem that bad in comparison. Let the mint do a coin about him, its harmless.

    3. Pat

      What if Phil had just been an alcoholic? Would that exclude him from appearing on a coin? Or what if he had been addicted to painkillers, let’s say? Genuine questions to you now in fairness.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        It doesn’t matter the substance. I think we should be a lot more careful about who we are holding up to be role models. We’re all flawed in some way – but an airport, a bridge, a coin or banknote – you’d want to have done something remarkable for the state that would then inspire others to emulate their strength of character, resolve, hard work and achievements. Being ‘famous’ isn’t enough in my view. I wouldn’t want to see a coin with Gerry Ryan or Katy French on it, would you?

        1. Pat

          Sorry Hoop I thought you were saying Phil shouldn’t be on the coin because he did drugs. You’re saying he didn’t achieve enough in his life to deserve to be on a coin.

          But cmere what if someone who achieved a lot in their life like a great scientist or a peacemaker turned out to have done drugs or abused alcohol or painkillers? Should they be banned from being on the coin then? Again , with respect, genuine question to you

    4. Fearganainm

      Not to mention all the streets and roads around the country that bear the names of British monarchs (or their illegitimate offspring, cf Grafton Street/Quarter), British aristocrats, administrators, landowners etc.

  2. Murtles

    €65 for a €15 coin. Obviously you won’t be buying one and then go down to the pub and use it for pints but still.

    1. curmudgeon

      Indeed and the Central Bank will profit to the tune of 150K. Sure be nice if I could make legal tender and sell it for more than its monetary value but alas our lawd prevent me from selling Curmudgeon Punts, or tweetle poppy poo pants if you will

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