“He Said He Had A PULSE Number”


Farmers sleep in their cabs of their tractors outside the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin this morning

Further to the ongoing farmers’ protest in Dublin.

One of the farmers who has organised the protest, Daniel Long, told Seán O’Rourke on RTÉ Radio One this morning that the farmers will break up the protest if the Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed “corrects” the Dáil record in regards to comments he made yesterday.

Mr Creed said that death threats had been made against management at C&D Pet Foods in Edgeworthstown in Co Longford – a company at the centre of injunction proceedings against two men, Fine Gael Cllr Paraic Brady, from Drumlish, Co Longford, and Colm Leonard, from Aughanoran Dring, Co Longford, preventing them and others from trespassing at or blockading the facility.

Mr O’Rourke earlier said that the show had got word from Mr Creed’s department that he has no intention to clarify or correct what he said.

Cllr Brady told Mr O’Rourke said:

“There was a PULSE when it was reported back four weeks ago, five weeks ago, but, to date, no member of management or staff has come forward to An Garda Siochana even on request, regarding they were willing to give a statement to move this forward.”

On Morning Ireland earlier, Fran McNulty reported that according to “Garda sources”, no complaint about death threats had been made by the company.

Yesterday, Mr Creed told the Dáil:

“…this is a matter which the Garda is aware of, senior management in that company have had death threats issued against them, and their partners and families have been intimidated in that local community.

“This is not simply an issue of the Government not wanting to resolve this issue. We are grappling with what are very difficult issues.

We have seen in other cases what happens when senior executives in companies are threatened. You, Deputy Mattie McGrath, may dismiss the significance of death threats against people. The Government does not.”

Mr Long told Mr O’Rourke that he told the minister this morning that what he said in the Dáil yesterday was not a true statement.

Asked how Mr Creed responded, the farmer said:

“He wasn’t very clear, he was evasive, I suppose would be the fairest way to put it, like. He said that was what was presented to him. He said he had a PULSE number. That’s kind of all he made of it like.”

Mr O’Rourke clarified with Mr Long: “The minister was relying on a record on the PULSE system?” to which Mr Long replied: “yeah”.

UPDATE: C& D has said that it DID report death threats to the gardai.

Listen back here

Dáil transcript: Oireachtas.ie

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12 thoughts on ““He Said He Had A PULSE Number”

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    When you have Brit soldier and non farmer Gran Torino up the front and allegations of far right involvement, maybe the minister isn’t entirely wrong in his statement.
    Farmers? This is being run by Hermann Kellys Irish Freedom Party, James Redmond of Barrett Fascist National Party and pushed by *all* the Irish white supremacists online.

    There is nothing organic about this at all. It is a far right push, out in the open for all to see.

    1. V

      I don’t know about that twitter thread or the supposing within it there Daisy

      But I had to leave the protest yesterday because of that named person and the man (I’ll be doing us all a favour by not reminding ye who he goes around with a phone held up for) accompanying him.

      There are seriously desperate issues, with real widespread interference, obstruction, and collusion at a high level going on that is not just affecting the Agri Sector at the moment, it is deliberately targeting individual farmers, and this, while it definitely needs mentioning and highlighting, may allow Creed and the FG Ministers and MEPS, the IFA, and the Big Agri Winners eff off back behind closed doors

      Or maybe that’s who ……………..

  2. Nigel

    Calling for the government to lift injunctions imposed by a private company and correcting the Dail record? What is this protest actually supposed to be about?

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      They want to meet the minister… Minister met them.
      They want certain people to meet the minister, not the other people who met the minister. Minister met them too.
      They want the minister to lift an injunction that a private company got to stop farmers blocking access to their property by employees and clients. Minister isn’t a judge and isn’t part of the private company that got an injunction.

      They probably want a Baby Yoda for Christmas too!

  3. axelf

    all the poeple who are unlawfully blocking public highways with their machinery should have a pulse number attached to them,

    1. martco

      yes, a lot of farmers would have equipment necessary for them to execute their work tasks like these machines & I’d imagine some of it costs much more than €250k…y’know, the same way a limo driver might drive around in €100k worth of German hardware, or a bank might keep a €1m rack of disk storage in the basement, or a joinery might have a €500k cnc platten on the factory floor. it might surprise you to know that some farmers even operate €80k specialist drones…hooked up to a bitta AWS…probably just for the kids to play with, or for the craic at their weekly get togethers & picnics during those lazy hazy summer afternoons and nothing to do with necessary operational plant atall. all probably paid in cash. or somethin.

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