Pamela Kearns, Labour Party Councillor on South Dublin County Council and pre-school teacher



Cllr Pamela Kearns


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51 thoughts on “They Do What?

    1. Brother Barnabas

      yes it is

      they wouldnt be in the charger salmon’s league of beating the meat, but they do occasionally do it

    2. Dr.Fart

      true or not, the irish public are odd. in the sense that even those two words being together would cause enough disgust for people to not consider the context .. these same disgusted people will turn around and vote FG and consign the w@nk!n babies to grow up in hotel rooms. i used to say bring back the brits, we can’t run ourselves, but they’re in a hoop over there too.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        in all seriousness, dr fart, would you not consider entering public office yourself? I think you have what it takes to lead us to a better future. and I’m sure BS would endorse you.

        1. Dr.Fart

          i have considered it. a few skeletons in my closet might pop out to trip me up however. But I’d still to a far better job than the current lot. i’m a far better doctor than vardkars father ever was. as for leo himself, i wouldnt trust him to sterilise my stethoscope let alone use the blasted thing.

    1. Nigel

      Thanks Shawn. Selectioins from that thread:

      ‘O’Sullivan highlights a recent study by @nuigalway that found approximately a quarter of 15-18 year olds are sexually active and suggests that it highlights that teenagers don’t really need too much sex education.’

      Uh, should that not suggest the complete feckin opposite, and quite urgently?

      ‘O’Sullivan apologies for uttering the word “masturbation” when repeatedly focusing on the WHO’s Sexuality Education Matrix contained in and implies these will be fully adopted in any new Irish RSE curriculum.’

      If youlre going to shy away from the word ‘masturbation’ I’m not sure you should have anything much to do with sex-ed, frankly.

      ‘Final speaker from the floor is would-be TD and vlogger The Irish Patriot aka Niall O’Connell who publicly accuses the Labour councillor of endorsing grooming children and paedophilia.’

      Well, now.

  1. Gabby

    How politicians can distract attention from the real social-economic issues: organise a media-fed National Debate on sex education in schools. That’ll fix the public until the general election is called.

  2. Catherine costelloe

    I find innocence in children a real joy. The vast majority of parents do their level best to nourish , guide and protect their little ones and are not eejits. Respect their privacy & family life would be my opinion.

  3. Clampers Outside

    Babies fiddling with their bits is not the same as consciously laying back in order to knock one out or flip the bean, in fairness.
    Semantics to some progressive types, I’m sure, but they’re not the same thing, truth be told.

      1. V

        absolutely fitting that a thread that opens with a Gript grope gets pulled off into a chat about lads slapping one off themselves

    1. postmanpat

      Try to explain to a judge that you weren’t technically masturbating in public because you were standing up ,… and you weren’t lying back …and didn’t actually climax it doesn’t count. How many men have pissed down their leg a little after using a public urinal all because of the “more than 3 shakes..” paranoia? Even though they don’t have an erection? At least I don’t when weeing in public (most of the time!) . Kids just haven’t figured out how to organism that’s the only difference. When I figured it out…what a day!!

    2. newsjustin

      That muddying of the waters to claim the sexualisation of children is done to blur the lines and allow for the earlier and earlier sexualisation of children on the supposed basis that “look, aren’t they kind of doing it anyway.” It’s the same carry-on that elements of the UK Labour Party used in the 1970s to try to legitimise paedophilia.

      People are right to be concerned. And in the absence of actual proposals from Government will, naturally look at what other countries, regions and organisations like the WHO are suggesting.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        ah here…

        BS’s very own defender and voice of the catholic church is condemning another for “the earlier and earlier sexualisation of children”?

        1. newsjustin

          No sane person has ever tried to claim that the criminal sexual abuse of children by anyone, including anyone in or associated with the Church is remotely ok. The Church has never, ever said it is remotely Ok.

          It’s wrong, criminal and vile always and everywhere. No one should ever be excused for it and, likewise, we should not muddy the waters by claiming, in roundabout ways, that it just might, maybe, in exceptional cases be ok.

          That’s not what the Cllr is doing btw.

          1. Nigel

            If you read the twitter thread posted a bove, someone at the meeting did, in fact, suggest that Labour were guilty of grooming children for pedophiles. It is a common right-wing response to conflate sexual education for children with the sexualisation of children. It’s far more dangerous to leave them ignorant or misinformed.

          2. Clampers Outside

            So long as they don’t go the way of the UK’s Warwick County Council teaching felching to 12 year olds. I believe it’s this kinda thing that makes people react, and has nothing to do with “right-wing” anything, in fairness.

          3. Clampers Outside

            Furthermore, and in fairness, to believe babes masturbate, ie, “the stimulation of genitals for sexual pleasure” is to believe that infants are sexually active…. which of course only a paedophile would believe. Hence people’s reaction.

          4. Brother Barnabas

            the church mightnt ever have explicitly said the sexual abuse of children was OK, but the way it responded to known cases, the way it investigated allegations, the way it treated victims and the way it continues to obstruct efforts at redress certainly indicate that the church doesn’t think it’s all that much of a big deal

          5. Nigel

            Paedophiles make all sorts of horrible arguents to justify themsleves and they should not be ever given any credence whatosever, nor should they be be allowed to warp attitudes to fairly common behaviours in young children.

          6. class wario

            “only a paedophile would believe” really? this is as much of a jump as claiming babies touching their genitals is masturbatory

  4. some old queen

    This is all straight out of the alt Right handbook- create parental hysteria because those ‘degenerates’ are corrupting YOUR children.

    They really do love that word- degenerate- means absolutely nothing of course apart from giving an air of moral superiority to cover the fact that if they could, just like Islam, they would criminalise homosexuality again- they really don’t like that comparison for some peculiar reason.

    1. postmanpat

      Have you heard about Sticky:_A_(Self)_Love_Story? I’m going to give it a watch tonight. One part is about the Surgeon General that got fired by that scumbag Clinton in the nineties because she advocated masturbation as an alternative to teenage sex during an interview on World AiDs day.

  5. V

    You know what
    Alt’ Sheeters and Gripters and Gimps and Gumps

    let parents parent
    mind yer own business

    haven’t ye got some butchers to harass or fake news about house fires to spread

    1. Barry the Hatchet

      Oh please, you pearl clutching numpty. They’re not masturbation lessons. They’re literally just telling kids that there’s nothing wrong with touching your own genitals, but that you should do it in private. This is an entirely healthy and appropriate thing for kids to learn.

  6. Mitch

    As is very typical of social media, this clip is being used to shock and offend and has clearly been taken out of context. Anybody who has any common sense, would look into how this comment came about. I researched before commenting. The comment on this clip is in response to WHO recommending sex education for 0-4 yr olds… because they masturbate. The councillor responded to that recommendation by stating, yes they actually do, she is a both a mother and a preschool teacher so is in the know that this behaviour does happen and is very common and natural. The issue here is WHO and their approach, any parent being told their 0-4 yr pre schooler needs sex education is obviously going to raise hackles, they should know better than to label it as such. what should have been the topic for discussion is training for educators in this section on how to positively handle these situations when they occur in the preschool setting without telling a child ‘that is dirty, stop that, that is wrong, naughty and so on’ which is what happens and causes children to develop guilt and complexes over normal behaviour, which is what needs to be addressed and is what I think WHO maybe trying to address, but in this instance, they have handled and worded it very badly and this woman is being vilified for responding to their recommendation. Positive educated approaches to this very normal behaviour in young children, is what is required, labelling it sex education is the issue. Triggered Bigots responding is an even bigger issue when they refuse to see the entire story in context.

    1. Clampers Outside


      But I would clarify that concerned parents should not be labelled “triggered bigots” when they are all the time learning of so-called “progressive” approaches to sex-ed that have included teaching ‘felching’ to 12 year olds, and so they have very right to be on the alert for changes in sex-ed, and should not be accused of being “triggered bigots” ffs when they are only looking out for the best interest of THEIR children, as good parents do.
      Otherwise, a reasonable point you’ve made quite well, if not for the over reach in accusation with regard to parent reactions.

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